10 Amazing Films from the 90s

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Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

So, being a 90s kid is pretty much one of the most catered-for groups in the whole of society now. We rule the internet with endless lists and memes of “if you remember this…” and “only 90s kids will understand…”. And that’s all well and good; who doesn’t like a hardcore does of nostalgia every time we turn on the computer? But there’s one thing that’s not damn well near enough catered for –and that’s a definitive list of films kids who grew up in the nineties will remember watching. Well, it might be catered for, but our list is better, alright? Everyone will remember number eight…

1. Clueless

Pretty much the definitive 90s kids movie- whether you were a lad or a lass, chances were you’ve seen this flick at list once or twice in your short existence. Whether it was the amazing clothes-that inspired a million plaid blazers the world over-or the sight of a young Donald Faison playing it cool in a high school setting, it’s pretty difficult to dislike this masterpiece of everything nineties. And, hey, Paul Rudd, didn’t see you there!

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