10 Ass-kicking Martial Arts Movies

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Photo credit: Beijing New Picture Film Co

Photo credit: Beijing New Picture Film Co

After the boom of martial arts films in the 70s caused a western obsession with the genre, all facets of culture were affected by it. Every comic book film has some martial arts DNA, the themes of honour over evil are pivotal to the modern hero. So let’s go to the source and countdown the best martial arts movies from the past to the present.

1. Hero

A true classic of the genre and Jet Li’s most affecting performance; Hero is a true original. Directed by Zhang Yimou, and released in 2002, Hero was the most expensive, and the most successful, film in the history of Chinese cinema. The plot centres round Jet Li’s character as a nameless assassin: who tells an ambitious, but paranoid king, of his victories against great warriors. Told through vignettes of his encounters with these warriors, the film provide beautifully choreographed action sequences, and a real sense of drama to proceedings.

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