10 Behind-The-Scenes Secrets of The Notebook

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Photo credit: New Line Cinema

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

The Notebook is a film that defined romance for a generation of women-and put a whole lot of people off romantic dramas for life. Following the tale of the rich Allie, played by Rachel MacAdams, and the poor Noah, played by Ryan Gosling, the story spans decades and class barriers with the power of true love. Whether this makes you want to vomit or weep with the beauty of it all, The Notebook is a mainstay in cinema-and we’ve put together a list of facts you never knew about The Notebook. Love it or hate it, you’ll find out something new…especially number five…

1. Gosling is dedicated

Ryan Gosling turned thousands of viewers to jelly with his performance as Noah-but few people know just how dedicated he was to getting the role right. He lived in South Carolina for two months prior to shooting, rowing the Ashely River every morning and even learning to build furniture-in fact, you can spot one of his creations, a kitchen table, in the movie itself. He also wore brown contacts for the duration of filming because James Garner, who played his older self, has brown eyes too.

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