10 Films That Prove Sci Fi Is a Force Again

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Photo credit: Warner Bros

Photo credit: Warner Bros

Science fiction has come back with a bang in the last few years. Comic book films are the highest grossing films, special effects and CGI can create any world. To celebrate this new age of quality science fiction, here are 10 modern sci-fi classics.

1. Gravity

While the Gravity backlash has already started in some quarters, there can be no argument about its technical achievement that culminated in director Alfonso Cuaron bagging an Oscar for best director at this year’s Academy Awards. The film stars George Clooney and Sandra Bullock as astronauts marooned in space after a collision with debris destroys their shuttle. The real treat here is the special effects, which Cuaron has been perfecting for 5 years. Space never looked so beautiful and terrifying.

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