10 Films That Will Rock the Box Office in 2014

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Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

Photo credit: Columbia Pictures

2014 is turning out to be a bumper year for blockbusters, with sequels galore including films from Spiderman, X Men, The Hobbit, and the long awaited return to Sin City. Here are some of the films that could be this year’s contenders for king of the box office.

1. The Amazing Spiderman 2

The follow up to the 2012 reboot sees Marc Webb return as director, with Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone reprising their roles as Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy. There is a lot of hype around Spidey’s second outing as both Webb and Garfield are keen to make their own mark on the character. The film also pits Spiderman against a trio of foes including Harry Osborne, played by Dane Dehaan, as the Green Goblin, Jamie Foxx as Electro , and Paul Giammati as Rhino. The film will also set up future films in the franchise including a movie about The Sinister Six, and fan favourite Venom.

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