10 Greatest Movie Easter Eggs

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Image Credit: Handmade Films

Image Credit: Handmade Films

A lot of filmmakers love to slip a little something in for the fans. No, not like that-I said for, dammit, for the fans! Anyway, some directors will conceal a little secret within a scene that’s meant to be discovered-it could be a reference to another one of their movies, or just to a fellow filmmaker they admire. And finding Easter eggs in films is a big business-so we’ve put together a list of ten that you can casually drop into conversation to seem like the biggest movie buff ever. You won’t believe number five…

1. Life of Brian

Monty Python have always been known as one of the most subversive filmmakers out there-and the same goes for their satirical epic Life of Brian, following the tale of hapless Brian as he’s mistaken for the Messiah. As the crowds of people come to get blessed by not-the-Messiah-a-very-naughty-boy Brian, you can spot a handsomely bearded face in the crowd that belongs to…George Harrison! The Beatle donated £3 million towards the film’s production as well as providing his face for the single scene.

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