10 Greatest Movie Musicals

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Movie musicals are a strange creature. Many people complain that they’re killing off the world of theatre; that too many people are just rolling on up to see the convenient spectacle of cinematic singing. I say, so what if we are? Some of the best movie musicals ever have been released in the last ten years or so, and you’d be a fool not to at least give them a go. We’ve compiled a list so you can dip your foot into the world of musicals while ensuring the highest quality (and also a little bit of camp). Horror fans will love number four….

1. Moulin Rouge!

I’ve heard people whine about this because it used mash-ups of old songs in the soundtrack, but frankly those people can get away. Baz Lurhman has a true eye for spectacle in a way that almost no other director does; he can make films look amazing and completely distinctive with the drop of a (sequinned, Shakespearean) hat. So imagine what throwing at turn-of-the-century Paris did- a messy, chaotic, seedy world filled with beautiful women, poor artists, and Jim Broadbent singing Madonna numbers. Sensational, that is.

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