10 Lost Batman Movies

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Photo credit: Warner Bros

Photo credit: Warner Bros

With Batman vs Superman in production, and all the controversy around every decision related to it, let’s look back at the Batman films that could have been. From the futuristic to the slapstick of the Adam West series, each Batman film idea can come in all shapes, all sizes, all black.

1. Tim Burton’s Batman Forever

Burton was originally on board to direct the third installment. However, Batman Returns, along with traumatizing some Warner Bros’ studio executives, made only half of the first films gross. So Burton was relegated to a producing credit and Joel Schumacher was brought on. Burton’s version of Batman Forever would have been drastically different, with both Michael Keaton and Michelle Pfeiffer returning, and Robin Williams playing The Riddler. Instead of the third installment everyone wanted, we got Jim Carrey shouting “joygasim.”

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