10 Most Romantic Movie Kisses Ever

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There’s something about a good movie kiss, isn’t there? I mean, provided you’re not an adolescent watching the movie with your parents in a blaze of humiliation, that is. But otherwise, being caught up in that moment of sheer romance-whether it’s right or wrong, meant to be or doomed to failure-that causes many of even the most steely-hearted among us swoon. So we’ve put together a list of the best movie kisses ever-I promise you’ll be trying to re-enact number two for days! Grab a partner, and settle in…

1. The Notebook

I know, I know-this has become far to much like the go-to when it comes to any kind of romantic best-of list. But I strongly believe that the kiss between Ally and Noah in the rain before they, ahem, consummate their relationship constitutes the height of romance for a lot of people-spontaneous, passionate, and entirely focused in the moment at hand. And it doesn’t hurt that everyone’s secret crush Ryan Gosling is there too. Yum.

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