10 Movie Villains You Secretly Love

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A great hero is easy to do. Give them a tortured past (optional), a gorgeous love interest, and place them on the side of good and kerblammo: hero material. Now, villains-there’s something that poses a real challenge. So often a villain can come off as cheap, silly or ill-thought out, so when a really good one appears on your screen you’re ten times more likely to take notice. So, we’ve put together a list of villains that you secretly love, however evil they may be…and number ten errs on the side of superbad..

1. Loki

While The Avengers might have divided opinion as an actual superhero movie, I doubt that anyone is arguing that the villain was pretty much the finest thing about the film (and the Thor movie that preceded it). Played by a preening Tom Hiddlestone, he was just the right mix of cackling maniac and wisecracking eyebrow-raiser to sell the Norse god as something of a fun movie villains. Plus, that voice does things to women. So I’m told.

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