10 Movies Made For $100,000

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Photo credit: Harvest Filmworks

Photo credit: Harvest Filmworks

The world of popular films would have you believe that everything on the silver screen cost millions of dollars to make. In most cases this is true, with actor’s salaries, special effects, and location scouting all padding the eventual bill. There are some films that prove that you don’t need to spend money to create a great film. Here are some made by famous faces and some cult gems; all made for $100,000.

1. Pi

Nowadays Darren Aronofsky is famous for bagging Natalie Portman an Oscar for Black Swan, reviving Mickey Rourke’s career (briefly), and blockbusting blasphemy with this year’s Noah. Hard to believe his first film was Pi. Shot for only $60,000, Pi is a strange beast. At first it’s a film about math. Then it’s a film about crippling psychosis. Sounds like Darren alright. The director used a grass roots method to raise funds for the film: asking friends and family members to donate a $100 each, and since he couldn’t get a permit for shooting in New York, he had someone keep an eye out for the cops while he was shooting. These days that same person alerts him if there are any Paramount bosses within a hundred yards so he can make his escape; probably.

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