10 Movies That Didn’t Get the Recognition They Deserved

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Photo credit: New Line Cinema

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

It’s pretty fair to say that not every movie is created equal. The big-budget blockbusters, for example, are always going to blow the indie arthouse flicks out of the water, while foreign movies just aren’t going to do as well over here as our native productions. And some movies just wind up lost in the mists of time, trapped in a world where they remain completed underrated (number 5 is the most criminally forgotten, as far as I’m concerned). So why not do your part to remedy that by giving them the recognition they deserve….by reading this list and watching our suggestions? You’ll feel more cultured in minutes. Promise.

1. The Long Kiss Goodnight

Hey, remember when the Bourne series was just a rip-off of a cooler, nineties version of the same story? No? Well, that’s probably because Long Kiss Goodnight wound up in the cinematic scrapheap, despite the similar plot- Geena Davis as suburban housewife Samantha Caine spends most of the movie trying to work out why she’s suddenly fantastic at marksmanship, picking locks, and looking great while sprinting around. Chuck in Samuel L. Jackson and some kick-ass fight sequences and there’s really no reason that the Bourne movies did so much better than this.

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