10 Movies That Didn’t Get the Recognition They Deseved

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

Photo credit: New Line Cinema

It’s pretty fair to say that not every movie is created equal. The big-budget blockbusters, for example, are always going to blow the indie arthouse flicks out of the water, while foreign movies just aren’t going to do as well over here as our native productions. And some movies just wind up lost in the mists of time, trapped in a world where they remain completed underrated (number 5 is the most criminally forgotten, as far as I’m concerned). So why not do your part to remedy that by giving them the recognition they deserve….by reading this list and watching our suggestions? You’ll feel more cultured in minutes. Promise.

1. The Long Kiss Goodnight

Hey, remember when the Bourne series was just a rip-off of a cooler, nineties version of the same story? No? Well, that’s probably because Long Kiss Goodnight wound up in the cinematic scrapheap, despite the similar plot- Geena Davis as suburban housewife Samantha Caine spends most of the movie trying to work out why she’s suddenly fantastic at marksmanship, picking locks, and looking great while sprinting around. Chuck in Samuel L. Jackson and some kick-ass fight sequences and there’s really no reason that the Bourne movies did so much better than this.

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  • Bill McCormick

    I found Velvet Goldmine to be bad on so many levels that it makes me question the rest of this list.

  • Charlie Loves Merlot

    I’m a huge fan of ’70s Glam Rock, and “Velvet Goldmine” isn’t that great. Even if the plot/pacing issues were worked out, the film would still only attract a niche audience.

  • http://www.wineandwatch.com/ Wine and Watch

    The fact that you refer to Christopher Walken as Christian Walken automatically discredits your entire list

    • http://itsumademo.livejournal.com Tri

      Aside from the typo in the headline.

      • http://www.wineandwatch.com/ Wine and Watch

        That too!

  • lakawak

    Most of these got EXACTLY the attention they deserved…being put on many Worst Movies Ever list.

    • Darrell Parks

      right on!

  • nancydarby

    What does Tony Curtis have to do with Velvet Goldmine? And is it so hard to proofread one paragraph?

  • Joseph Heavey

    Pretty sure the Bourne series is based off of a relatively popular series of books, thus they would have a bigger audience than the long kiss goodnight.

  • PointCtrPoint

    No Speed Racer, not a real list.

  • Shazza

    It’s Larenz Tate and a lot of POC know it.

  • http://itsumademo.livejournal.com Tri

    Deseved. Is the meaning of that word anything like ‘deserved’?

  • puremercury

    Gotta love any movie with “Christian Walken.” That definitely “deseved” more recognition.

  • Darrell Parks

    Balls of Fury? Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 1. Nuff said.

  • Darrell Parks

    The lack of recognition for these movies? Impossible to get that many potheads full of Thunderbird into a theater.

  • Charles Thompson

    Who the heck is Christian Walken?

  • kipsydaisy

    “Christian Walken?” Who is writing or editing this? And saying “done to death” twice in a one paragraph summary is doing that phrase to death.

  • Krungle

    Wow really calling in the Knights Tale? That might of worked sooner after Dark Knight when everyone was pretending they liked Heath Ledger (even though they were the same ones crying about him being cast as the Joker)

  • Krungle

    Agree on Gremlins 2, it was far superior

    • Angelo Brattoli

      Yes, in the way that horse manure is better than cow manure.

  • fairportfan

    Unfortunately, the original VHS release of “Gremlins 2″ cut out one of the funniest throwaway gags from the film (with Paul Bartel and Hulk Hogan) and replaced it with a longer and much less funny alternate sequence.

    I have no idea if the DVD is still that way; i need to check.

    The film itself is, indeed, brilliant.

  • fairportfan

    “Streets of Fire” – one of three Walter Hill films that are worth watching.

  • Maryann Fuentes

    The Long Kiss Goodbye is one of my favorite movies!!!!

  • rasdebol

    My vote is for “Kingdom of Heaven”.. A Ridley Scott masterpiece that seems to have gotten overlooked by almost everyone……

  • Jeffrey S Williams

    And with ‘Love Jones” don’t forget the KILLER sountrack!

  • tony

    Fat City was so boring (I saw it in the theaters when it came out) that I didn’t know whether to nap or go buy more popcorn… zzzzzzzzZzzzzzzz

  • Brian Johnson

    Maybe if Velvet Goldmine hadn’t played like “Citizen Kane” in Britain in the 1970′s…

  • Angelo Brattoli

    As an avid movie fan with a collection in excess of over 500 films I have to ask. How much crack did you do before you compiled this list?

  • TootUnCommon

    Long Kiss Goodnight is amazing. Still one of my favorite action flicks.

  • farquar

    heath ledger or not… a knights tale was horrendous!

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