10 New Horror Films You’ll Love

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Photo credit: Alliance Films

Photo credit: Alliance Films

Every single year, someone, somewhere, sadly shakes their head and goes “but it’s not a good year for horror, though, is it?”. In truth, this may feel like the case all the time-with superhero movies and romcoms cluttering up our cinemas, it often looks like horror is on the way out for good. But wait! To lift your spirits and restore your faith in the horror community, we’ve put together a list of the best horror films from the last couple of years-proving that every year is a good year for horror. Please tell me you’ve seen number seven!

1. Sinister

While many people wrote this off as nothing more than a run-of-the-mill haunted house thriller, it’s much more than that. Based on tension rather than jump-scares and slow-burning fear as opposed to violence, the influence of Stephen King is clear as day here. It also marks a return to form for Ethan Hawke, who would later appear in the equally excellent The Purge-and it’s about time we had a few new-old faces in horror!

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