10 Stupid Mistakes You’ve Never Spotted

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10. Star Wars: A New Hope

Now, the Star Wars films (whatever you make of the prequel trilogy) are movies that have been scrutinized time and time again by hundreds of dedicated fans the world over. So, as you can imagine, they were unlikely to miss the clumsy Stormtrooper who walks straight into a door. In a New Hope, the scene in which Han and Luke go to steal the Strormtroopers outfits to hide in the Death Star, you can clearly see a Stormtrooper bashing his head on a not-quite-opened sliding door. Due to constraints in budget, the Strormtrooper outfits were extremely badly made, offering next to no vision once the helmet was put on-in another, off-screen instance, two Stormtroopers in costume ran into each other and were knocked unconscious. The head-bash scene became so well-known that the DVD came with an added “thump” sound effect to go along with the head-clunk.

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