10 Things I Learned from Horror Movies

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Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Horror movies are good for many things. For one, they are often pretty damn competent at scaring the pants off us-whether your tipple is supernatural thrillers or all-out slasher gorefests, the main point of horror films is to terrify us. But that’s not the only thing they’re good for-oh no, I think all of us at some point have thanked God for the vital life lessons we’ve learnt from watching scary movies. Think of all the zombies we’d have been eaten by or the exorcisms we would never have been able to perform if we hadn’t enjoyed a bit of late-night celluloid terror. So, as a salute to everything that horror has taught us, let’s take a look at the valuable life lessons we learnt from watching horror movies. And remember to pay extra attention to number seven…

1. If You Want to Survive to the End, Don’t Have Sex

This one we picked up from pretty much every teen horror film ever. The minute the gorgeous young couple succumbed to their desires and made passionate love offscreen, they’d either a) die horribly as a result of getting distracted or b) let someone else die horribly as a result of their getting distracted. Also worth remembering; demons who feast on human flesh (you know the sort) might well try to tempt you into a more private place by offering some dirty fun to their unsuspecting victim. Never forget.

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