10 Things You Never Noticed About Your Favourite Disney Movies

Photo credit: Walt Disney

Photo credit: Walt Disney

Disney movies, eh? They are the paragon of childhood virtue, that wonderful studio that took on adventures under the sea, through the desert, and into the rainforest. Could there be anything more pure and wonderful than settling down with your loved ones and enjoying some wholesome, Disney movie fun? Um, yes. Loads of people have spotted filthy, cheeky, or downright crude jokes hidden in everyone’s favourite Disney films. We’ve compiled a list of the most unbelievable-how many did you spot before?

1. The Little Mermaid and the Phallic Palace

You might not have spotted this one-but the first time we see the palace in The Little Mermaid, freezeframe for a second and take a really good look. What do you notice? Well, I’ve give you a clue-if you were a Disney artists annoyed at losing your job and drawing a bunch of long, straight turrets for a kid’s film, what would you make them look like? Yep, that’s right-though the artist denies doing it on purpose, Disney have tried to scrap the frame from the movie after people started to complain.

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  • maquignon

    I think this is a Rorschach test. You can see what you want to see! There are HUNDREDS of shapes that occur in nature that you can see as phallic symbols if you want to. It is really NOT an uncommon shape!

    • Raptormann

      Phalic symbols are definately in the eye of the beholder. Makes you wonder what is on their mind.

      • Raymond Hamlett

        If the phalic symbol is in the eye of the beholder your doing it wrong.

        • Donn Irving

          Oh my! that could make a youngern go blind.

          • Raymond Hamlett

            True, dat, Don. True, dat.

          • yankee2

            Really? Is THAT how it works?

    • psycho101

      You’re right. This reminds me of an old psychology joke. The psychologist shows the patient a Rorschach image (ink blot) and asks the patient what he sees. “That’s a man and a woman on a bed about to have sex!” says the patient. He shows him another. “That’s a man and woman on a bed starting to have sex.” And another….”That’s a man and woman on a bed and they’re really going at it having sex.” The psychologist then tells the patient “I think you are obsessed with sex.” But, doctor” says the patient, “That’s not fair. You’re the one showing the dirty pictures.”

    • Melissa Leman


    • yankee2

      A LOT of people want to see penises.

    • Brian Blair

      So a porno poster in “The Rescuers” is a Rorschach test?

  • maquignon

    I’ll bet you find pictures in potato chips too!

    • Rusty Varner

      And tortillas. lol

    • Jennifer Blair

      …or the face of Jesus in a pb&j sandwich.

  • androphiles

    There’s not a single one of these I haven’t seen before. They had no news so they put this story up again.

    • Raymond Hamlett

      Who is “they”?

      • androphiles

        Whoever published this article. There’s no name showing as author, hence the anonymous pronoun.

  • Judy

    I saw Baby Jesus™ in ever one o’ them pitchers! JESUSS!

  • observing57

    Just shows you how “Hard Up” and uncreative the world is dementing into nowadays. This is how this administrations mind rambles through the day. Productive and oh how wholesome they are. Poor bastard’s and bitches.

  • Piltdown911


  • Ramon1710 .

    Not surprising that the sex stuff came during the twisted reign of Michael Eisner over Disney Corp(se), and after Walt Disney had passed on.

  • Cheryl Dymond

    i can’t say about the DVD version, but when i was a video store manager one of my employees showed us this scene on the VHS and the dick grows and points forward as the scene progresses! that’s not about looking for phallic symbols!

    • JB Sellars1

      caught that as well, as the sex in the stars seen that the 1st time i seen the movie and thats not seeing what each person sees it shows with stars SEX is in the shy.

  • Nancy

    Hillary Clinton is a lying, evil biatch. She has accomplished nothing and is a disaster in waiting for America…as if Obama hasn’t done enough damage. May she rot in hades.

    • Chet Cavanah

      Oh Nancy, I’m worried about you. Your meds haven’t seemed to have reached theraputic levels. Please contact your primary care physician ASAP!!!

    • Dave Felt

      how exactly has Obama done damage? Stock market at record highs, unemployment down the wars are over ….

      • Wanda Jones

        Someone with sense…….there is hope…..

      • Tom Blech

        IRAQ IN CHAOS—Oh wait you probably have a prius—-4 TRILLION IN PRINTED FAKE MONEY FROM THE FED—You really don’t look to far into the truth do you?

        • YourWifeIsMyLife

          Someone’s off his meds again…

        • Ted Blewgent

          Obama had to take us from the brink of economic catastrophe AND get us out of IRAQ. Oops, I forgot. Bobo Jr signed the Iraq withdrawal agreement in 2008!! That IDIOT! He better get in his “MISSION ACCOMPLISHED” plane…and fly the fugk back over there and fix HIS MESS!!

          • tammy

            Obama’s mess. He should have left a contingency group there. He didn’t work out an agreement with Iraq, now all our boys deaths and injuries are for nothing. Now with ISIS in charge, it is worse than before. Thank you, President too busy partying to care.

      • Ned Farn

        hey davey you should read the news sometime–man the dems love idiots like you-must be a teacher

      • Lc Goodfellow

        If you’re hungry enough, road kill will make for a king’s feast. Liberals were so hungry for someone like Obama, he seemed like so much more than he really was. Or is!

        The first is the most important.
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        - Remember when Nancy Pelosi said: “We have to pass it, to find out what’s in it”
        A physician called into a radio show and said: “That’s the definition of a stool sample”.
        2) Poverty – Increase the Poverty level as high as possible, poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing everything for them to live.
        - You can’t make the rich poorer without making the poor, poorer.
        - “Gas prices have increased 200% since Obama’s election”, “Obama failing on jobs; unemployment still above 6.5% after 6 years
        Obama is dead-set on granting amnesty to millions of illegals.
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        - The national debt has gone up 60 % during President Obama’s first term. The national debt is $ 17.4 trillion and Obama is responsible for almost $ 6 trillion in 3.5 years.
        Obamacare, and Big Government – and the higher taxes that will come with it. The rich will clearly be paying more, along with everyone else.
        4) Gun Control – Remove the ability to defend themselves from the Government. That way you are able to create a police state.
        5) Welfare – Take control of every aspect of their lives (Food, Housing, and Income)
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        After watching a documentary about the tragic story of Jonestown, I was struck by the utterly unthinking way that so many people put themselves completely at the mercy of a glib and warped man, who led them to degradation and destruction. And I could not help thinking of the parallel with the way we put a glib and warped man in the White House.

        • Ted Blewgent

          LMAO @ these LUNATIC fear mongers! Yup, IRAQ IN CHAOS! WHO OPENED THAT CAN OF WORMS?? Here’s a thought, let IRAQ clean up IRAQ. 5,000 of ours died over there, under bobo jr.

          “Mission Accomplished”….ring a bell…moron???

          • Lc Goodfellow

            “Blewgent” is that code for something ?????

            “In the four years since the inspectors left, intelligence reports show that Saddam Hussein has worked to rebuild his chemical and biological weapons stock, his missile delivery capability, and his nuclear program. He has also given aid, comfort, and sanctuary to terrorists, including al Qaeda members … It is clear, however, that if left unchecked, Saddam Hussein will continue to increase his capacity to wage biological and chemical warfare, and will keep trying to develop nuclear weapons.”
            – Sen. Hillary Clinton (D, NY), Oct 10, 2002
            Pull on that !
            “I will be voting to give the President of the United States the authority to use force — if necessary — to disarm Saddam Hussein because I believe that a deadly arsenal of weapons of mass destruction in his hands is a real and grave threat to our security.”
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            Bad intel ? You’ve never been there so STFU !

          • Ted Blewgent

            Nah. How about you “STFU”. Creep. You must be a child…because every adult knows that the administration COOKED those stories…to justify the rush to war. Turn off FUX news.

          • Phil

            “the administration cooked those stories” Man, you’re some kind of SPECIAL stupid, aren’t you?

          • tammy

            You need to turn on Fox news. The other news stations are owned by Democrats and you either get out and out lies (MSNBC) or half truths. Fox leans right, but they give both sides. You are only hearing the news straight from the propaganda government channels. You are the child, believing what they tell you over what you see. Also, ISSA has found many of those stocks of WMD’s and we watched many trucks of gas going across the Syrian border before the war, with verification of what leaked from those trucks. Also, as above, the Dems demanded that war. Hillary, in one of her emails to GB said, if he refused, he would never get anything he wanted from either house. She was the front for the Dems who forced the war. If GB was like BO, he would have stood up and put the blame on the Dems, He didn’t because he was President and believed the buck stopped there. Obama believes the buck stops anywhere but with him. He only knows what he read in the papers. Obviously he needs to stop fund raising, vacationing, golfing and partying and attend some meeting

          • YourWifeIsMyLife

            Keep drinking the kool aid, dear. You’re spinning a fantastic story. What an imagination!

          • tammy

            Youre the kool aid drinker, I stick to TEA. Kool aid rots the brain. Have a good day

          • YourWifeIsMyLife

            Maggots rot the brain too, dear, so get back on your meds before there’s nothing left.

          • tammy

            At least you have a sense of humor. I think you are deluded, you think I am. OK, we can agree to disagree

          • tammy

            Sorry, there, but the Dems were in control of both houses on 9-11. They demanded to go to war. The blame should go where it belongs, on the Dems. Read the released emails and memo’s from GB years and you will see who was responsible for demanding the war in Iraq…the Dems. GB takes the blame because he was President, something BO should learn to do. He never takes blame for anything, even when it is his own fault, he finds someone else to take the blame. I’m 63 years old and have never seen such a corrupt government. I have always voted for the man, not the party. But now the Dems have ousted God, become socialist and are following Sal Alinski, they are now too anti American for me. Republicans are too much like Dems? Now were to go???

          • Craig

            Let me tell you where to go.

          • tammy

            Sorry, hell is full of Dems, it would be too scary

        • Phil

          You really shouldn’t confuse the dems with actual facts. Oh, I guess it’s all right….they won’t understand anyway.

          • Lc Goodfellow

            Thx !

        • Christa Rose Errigo

          Wow. You are absolutely delusional, a lonely, ignorant waste of space.

          • Lc Goodfellow

            The more educated you are, the harder it is to see the simple truths that are staring you in the face.
            Take your 15 post and go sit in the corner.

        • tammy

          You have done a good job in outlining his worse atrocities. But the Bo people will never recognize the truth until it comes to their door step. They are like the people in the left behind series who watched the anti=Christ murder that man in front of their eyes. The anti-Christ said the man committed suicide and they all parroted it and swore they saw the man commit suicide. I’m sure many of these people could watch BO destroying our country and mime back that he is doing such a good job, while they are starving. They’d probably still blame Bush

      • Ted Blewgent

        Shhh Dave, they don’t allow such truth to be told over in the land of FUX news. Haven’t you heard? America is on life support.

        • William laFrance

          Ted, you’ve got you head stuck so far up obama’s ass that you wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you on the ass. You’ve listened to obama’s lies and his media’s lies so long that you don’t know anything but lies.

          • rjproskey

            liberal dimwits like blewobama are good for the rest of us; they kick us up a few notches when it comes to common sense and thinking for oneself. three cheers for the 1st and 2nd amendment. bring back the death penalty. close the borders. just love to pull their chains :)

          • russellbennett

            Obama tells his base what they want to hear then does what he wants to do and the Media does not report what he does.

          • tammy

            Between Soros and BO’s backers, they have bought up most news outlets. We now only have government sanctioned news except Fox. They only go so far in reporting too, in that they mostly back off and don’t really say what it is, except for a few occasionally. You can’t believe what the news reports, we now need a “free America” news for America. Soros, Kissinger have given interviews in 2008 explaining exactly why they put Obama in as the President and what he was to accomplish. So far, he is right on time. As far as the stock market goes, Soros (BO’s buddy and the 17th wealthiest man in the world) says he only has to make one phone call and we are bankrupt. He is waiting for the right time. He outlined exactly how he would do it and he is on the last step. He invested heavily about 4 months ago in futures, betting the US economy will fail. He said he will make trillions when he destroys us. That man is totally evil. Don’t forget he visits the WH more than any other visitor. I know those who love Obama will not believe a word, but maybe they will remember this one thing, Kissinger said, if BO destroys our economy, they will make him the first One World President. Guess we will see

      • JB Sellars1

        92 million out of work unemployment is really much much higher when your benifits run out and you are not working they count that as less UE. keepdrinking the fool aid. Dave should i start about the damage he has done to this great nation, yeay the rich got ricker whoopie.

        • tammy

          Only Obama’s backers.

      • William laFrance

        Just like a democrap, only believe what his leader tells him, never research anything for himself. Research can help with your Stupidity.

      • Rusty Varner

        The wars are not over Dave. We still have people in Afghanistan, LIbya, and Iraq. Obama is fixing to send more troops into Iraq. Yes, the stock market is high and I am happy about that. On the unemployment it is down in many places and up in places like Texas.

        As for what damage Obama has done; read what is going on at our southern border because of the administration’s failure to enforce the immigration laws we already have on the books….now he wants 2 billion to “fix” the problem he and the DOJ caused. He is also inadverdantly lining the pockets of human traffickers.

    • David Taylor

      how does this relate to the article ???? …. and btw, you should seek some kind of help for your delusions

      • Robert Oppenheimer

        My dad can get an olive out of the bottom of the jar with only his little finger!

        • Craig

          I want your dad’s little finger.

      • Phil

        Agree Nancy’s post is out of place concerning this article. Delusional…not so much. Spot on, actually.

    • YourWifeIsMyLife

      Don’t jump the gun again; remember 2008? While the right wing morons were busy piling on Hillary, Obama waltzed right past them and into the White House.

      • Tom Blech

        That statement only proves that this world is a toilet run by evil people who victimize and exploit others to succeed and enjoy spreading misery and condemnation—like your above statement. Sooo, you only proved that evil like you is successful in this commode you call a “world”—good job.

        • YourWifeIsMyLife

          I proved the triumph and viability of evil, misery and exploitation on earth? With my li’l ol’ post?


          • tammy

            Yes you did. While they are throwing Hillary at everyone, Obama is backing that biatch who stole her education from a native American by pretending she was part indian. I’ll bet they are throwing Hillary to the wolves to keep everyones eyes on her while they are backing the biatch. I say biatch because we know she is a thief and liar. Oh sorry got off the topic. Back to Disney

    • joesolis

      All true, but what does that have to do with this article?

    • http://www.horrorboom.com/ D.D.

      You got all that out of this article?

      • rjproskey

        it was a subliminal message

    • Trakdog90

      Was that in the picture?!?!?!

    • Stephen Ryan

      “Hades” is spelled with a capital H.

    • Keith

      What does Hillary being a lying evil biatch have to do with this article?

    • Craig

      Nancy, bottom bitch. Fcku off and die.

      • tammy

        You must be a liberal, They are the only ones that use that kind of language.

        • Craig

          Tammy, since you are a conservative, female, tea partier; I shall only have to say this once. Shut Up!

          • tammy

            You are such a gentleman. At least your language is better.

    • Christa Rose Errigo

      What the bloody hell are you even talking about? Sick. Seek help.

    • Raymond Hamlett

      I am not worried about you, Nancy. And, oh yeah, you’re a sick cunt.

      • tammy

        Another liberal???

    • tammy

      Nancy, I think you are on the wrong comment page. This is about Disney movies. Otherwise, you are right on LOL

  • Oak Tree Lady

    Except for the 3 pigs and the priest in the wedding, all the rest are in the minds of the viewers. Just have fun and let your mind wander and you will see lots of images and symbols! It’s why it’s called “movie magic.”

    • coinage

      The wedding was the priests knee. It flexes.

    • John Beam

      coinage is right. People believing that they saw an “erection” weren’t paying attention what the priest was doing. He shifts his weight, and it causes one of the knees to bend and push out. It is connected to his FOOT, for crying out loud.

  • Nancy Robb

    There is no need to struggle seeing “hidden” junk in Disney movies. Why are the crows in “Dumbo” black? Do you really think Pocahantas really zipped through the forest in her scanties? Most Disney cartoon females are similarly (un)dressed. And don’t get me started on the ‘happy’ slaves in “Song of the South”.

    • Criddic

      The movie of “Song of the South” was supposed to take place after the Civil War, when there were no slaves, but it has confused viewers for decades because there is no specific mention of the time.

    • Brett

      Why are the crows black? Umm, because crows are… guess what? BLACK.

      • Bruce

        umm, its the dialect they are using. Pay attention when you watch the movie.

        • Brett

          What do you mean?

          • Bruce

            The crows are speaking in a “black” dialect common to African-Americans in the South in this time period. So its like a pun: black crows talking like Southern Blacks.

          • Brett

            Okay, I get it now. Why is that racist, however? It’s just a logical form of personification. I’m sure if the crows were talking in the Queen’s English, there would be someone out there declaring it racist because the crows are “Black.”

          • Bruce

            Some people think it is racist if you suggest that people of different racial or ethnic makeup “sound” different. I remember watching the OJ Simpson trial and at one point a witness said the voice he heard in the alley “sounded Black”. Defense Attorney John Cochran jumped up and the statement was “racist”. I don’t agree with the comment, but many people believe this.

    • Stephen Ryan

      Crows are black. That’s the way it is. Polar bears are white. They can’t help it.

    • rjproskey

      i liked the crows in song of the south.

  • John Beam

    *SIGH* The little priest in The Little Mermaid is NOT having an erection!!! This is the stupidest urban legend I’ve ever seen. It’s gone on so badly that it caused Disney to “censor” this scene, by REMOVING THE GUY’S LEGS. NOTHING IS CONNECTED TO HIS FEET ANYMORE!!!

    The “bulge down there” is the little guy’s KNEE. If you watch his whole actions, he shifts his weight on one side, and it causes one knee to bend. IT IS CONNECTED TO HIS FOOT, for crying out loud!

  • John Beam

    The short scene in The Rescuers where there’s a couple of frames of a topless woman is real, but so much of this is urban legend and idiocy. There is so much JUNK in Disney movies that are up-front and not at all covert, and to make issues about imagined stuff is retarded.

  • Wanda Jones

    This is an actual discussion? OMG……

  • Shirley Crowfoot

    Me thinks smut much like beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I do admit that the artists may have been competing to see which one could make the most egregious “error”.As far as “The Three Little Pigs” photo of their father goes, I think that is pretty funny.

  • puzzlelady

    All that hidden stuff is hokey. People can see smut in anything. What has always bothered me about the 3 little pigs is that the clever pig wears overalls but the other two have bare bottoms. What’s with that?

  • cd53

    An article that would appeal to any ten year old. And, a ten year old probably wrote it.

  • Legendary Sisters
  • Legendary Sisters
  • Legendary Sisters
  • Legendary Sisters
  • Andie

    For the third frame, that isn’t Ariel… it’s Ursula in disguise. A scene like this one wasn’t in the film featuring Ariel.

  • Twilight

    “Phallic palace”? Like faces of Jesus and forms of the Virgin Mary, phallus can be seen EVERYWHERE, if you are looking for them.

    • tammy

      So true, this is a stupid article, obviously written by a pre-teen

  • Twilight

    Someone has a dirty mind. Try looking at a real lion, and you’ll see pretty much the same thing.

  • Twilight

    They only cut it because of dirty minded pervs like the author of this nonsense.

  • Twilight

    I think the “SEX” in the stars could just as easily read “SEARS.” Creating a problem where none exists.

  • Echo Moon

    i think that who ever is seeing all this shit in all these movies has some serious mental problems…. they are sick with perverted delusions?… perverted hopeful imaginings?… whatever the F it is they are suffering from, they are some sick perverted slimes…..

    • Raymond Hamlett

      Or… maybe you are the sick one… hmmm.

    • tammy

      I won’t go as far as saying they are sick, but I agree with you in that they have a very sexual imagination. Even when pointed out, it was not easily seen. The one they said, said sex, I saw movie. I guess it depends on whose imagination you are going by

  • Sarah

    Number 9. The 3 little pigs and the fate of their father. This cartoon is so old, that it was actually made in the time when cartoons were made for adults, not kids. It’s true that children enjoy cartoons, but in a cinematic time when people went to the theatres is watch news reels, cartoons and feature length movies, these cartoons were made for adult entertainment. In light of that, this is still dark humor, but its humor directed at the over 18 viewing audience. Another version of this particular cartoon was used to promote the sale of war bonds during WWII, and the wolf in the cartoon bore a swastika arm band and the bricks of the 3rd little pig’s home had “Made in USA” stamped on them.

    • Lynn Yancosky

      Cartoons for the most part have always had elements that were geared towards adults. Do you think all kids (any under 12, maybe) would understand the sarcasm, irony and historical or cultural references in a Bugs Bunny or Bullwinkle cartoon? How about the Simpsons?

      • Sarah

        Lynn, you’re right, The Simpsons was never intended to be a “kids” cartoon; nor were most of the early shorts, including Bugs Bunny and Bullwinkle.. Yet the article clearly states, and somehow you missed the comment in the article, that this is dark humor for a kid’s cartoon. It’s not a kid’s cartoon. Unlike the Little Mermaid, Hercules and basically every other mention in the article, this one, while still a somewhat sadistic joke, was never written for children. In the same way that many Disney shorts are now condemned for the violence towards animals, references to drinking and smoking and sex, this one has been misinterpreted as a “kids” cartoon and “inappropriate.” This and many other early cartoons do not have content “geared toward adults;” the entire cartoon was written for adults, that is the point of my comment above.

        • Bruce

          Sarah, Lynn is actually supporting your position. I think you read her post just a little too fast.

          • Sarah

            Bruce, if you re-read Lynn’s comment, she asked a question and I replied to clarify what was misunderstood about my original comment. If you want to get into semantics, she specifically asked a very pointed question with the intent to belittle the relevance of my comment. Her note failed to recognize the point of my comment which is evident in her comment that cartoons have ‘elements geared toward adults’ which was actually completely irrelevant to my comment that this cartoon was entirely written for adults. I attempted to rectify this misunderstanding by reiterating that the cartoon in question is not a kids cartoon with adult undertones but an adult cartoon which has been mis-categorized as a kids cartoon in the original article. I think perhap we have different definitions of the word supporting, but thanks just the same for the note :)

      • Bobby Whyaskin

        Listen closely to some of what Popeye mutters in those cartoons. A lot of political commentary happening there. It’s pretty hilarious.

  • Ken Follette

    the typos, they burn!!! get a bleeding editor.

  • Mic

    Personally, on several of these, I think that dirty minded adults have WAY too much time on their hands. Imho.

  • Gregory Wahl

    The pigs one actually has multiple pictures of “Father” on the wall. Near the piano there’s the sausage pic, but in the far right corner there’s a full-on plated ham. Weirdly enough, there’s another framed pic in their house– of a banana split.

  • Amindele

    People are looking WAAAAAY too hard.

    • Rusty Varner

      No pun intended, I assume? lol.

      • Raymond Hamlett


      • tammy

        OK you won the comment of the day LOL

  • Trakdog90

    Just before lunch time I see the the words “Cheese Burger” in the clouds…

  • Kevin Hill

    First one, and already BS. The phallus on the castle isn;t even in the movie. It was on the first versions of the VHS tape covers, and was done by an outside company. It’s quite apparent this image isn’t a scene from the film.

  • MisterManReturns

    Rehashed garbage gossip. How many times are teen reporters on the Internet going to bring this up?

  • EllenRipley112

    That’s not Ariel in “The Little Mermaid” wedding photo–that’s Ursula in disguise so Ariel CAN’T marry the prince and break the curse. Ariel gets married at the end, and we never see the priest, she’s got a totally different dress, and it’s a beautiful sunny day with blue skies. Watch a movie before commenting on it, people.

  • EllenRipley112

    *sigh* and Zeus did NOT create the demi-God Hercules out of clouds. He made Pegasus like that (even though that’s totally against Greek canon, that’s neither here nor there). Seriously, do you people need an editor to catch these mistakes before they make it to print? ‘Cause I do freelancing…

  • Hunk of Love

    Underpaid, disgruntled artists working for greedy, heartless media conglomerates will get you every time.

  • Keldon McFarland

    Not this dumb $#!t again!

  • Craig Chilton

    On #10 — The “flash dancers” — I see NOTHING of the kind in that screen-capture!

  • http://venturebrothers.wikia.com/wiki/Dr._Thaddeus_%22Rusty%22_Venture Wallythedog

    What kind of damaged paranoid repressed mind worries about any of this K Rap?
    I couldn’t find any truth to any of the screen shots. If you believe any of this, just think of the horror of exposing your children to Produce Department at your local supermarket.

    • Rocknrobyn

      You got that right Wally. Good dog!

  • JB Sellars1

    then why did you read it

    • Linda B. Williams

      congratulations on what has to be one of the stupidest comments ever written. think about it… I sooooo hope you were kidding.

    • JosefineAnne

      Wouldn’t know it was stupid unless you read it, stupid!

    • Artie412

      He read it for the same reason I did: the promise of the headline. It was a lie, and we feel like fools for getting suckered in.

      • JB Sellars1

        and how far did you get reading it.

        • Artie412

          I kept waiting for SOME value. I guess you’re a lot smarter than me if you avoided reading it.

  • Lancer69

    Oh Brother. Really?

  • Festus Hagen

    someone with way too much time on their hands

  • Diane

    Some of this was really a stretch….. Even after reading what they see, I could not tell on most of them.

    • Bruce

      Many of these “discoveries” came from a single person who was functioning as a Christian Watch group. Christians turned on Disney when the company extended benefits to their homosexual employees and their partners. First the Southern Baptists called for a boycott, and then, well the rest is history.

  • Dianne Clanton

    Somebody’s really stretching for these.

  • Kayla McCormick

    just saying… but in the lion king.. it says Hippo,- then fades, then appears sex right after. so it says hippo sex… also in Aladdin, he actually says… good teenagers, take off your clothes

  • Zach Shedd


  • ohyeah

    wtf did I just read?????

  • dirtydog1776

    Too many people with too much time. Hey people with no lives…….read to the blind, help a senior citizen, mentor a young person……..do something useful.

  • Lesa Brackbill

    Most of these aren’t news at all – I remember finding the Little Mermaid, Lion King, and Aladdin ones in middle school (late 90s)…and they actually forgot one of the Lion King ones.

  • http://atlantarofters.blogspot.com/ The Sanity Inspector

    It’s a shame that these artists had so little respect for their audience. They should just quit and go draw for Heavy Metal magazine or something.

  • Carol Parker

    Some people just have too much time on heir hands.

  • Guest

    Disney, DISNEY? Geeze, go over to Warner Bros, dude, you won’t have enough space to write about it. So what? Get a life.

  • jim

    Thats stupid,and serious wood please, its so small it could be a pimple

  • 2 manycritters

    Like Freud said, “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. Get a life.

  • vlad tepes

    my 3year old son did noticed , and he ask me , dad how many homosexual was in the beginning? and I did not know what to tell him, but I recover quick and I ask him , what beginning ? of America , of islam , or the end?

  • David Rosenfield

    This article is totally false. Hercules isn’t anyone’s favorite Disney movie.

    • Bruce

      I know at least one person who likes Hercules, so your statement is falsified.

    • Anyone’s? So sure of yourself.

      I certainly like it, as do both of my daughters. One grown and out of the house, the other 1/2 way there. Top 5 Disney in our minds

  • Killary Clottin’

    Disney pushes the queer agenda.

    • MJ Comus

      And that’s bad because…?

      • Killary Clottin’

        Homosexual pairing is a biological dead end which destroys human genetic diversity.

        That’s why it has been correctly labeled as a mental disorder for hundreds of years.

        • MJ Comus

          Seems to me the gene pool is doing quite fine with 85% of the population still pumping out babies and diversifying their DNA. What about straight people who don’t get married or make babies? Aren’t they doing just as much damage to ‘genetic diversity’ as teh gays?

          • Killary Clottin’

            Homosexual pairing destroys all the genetic biodiversity that is created at meiosis.
            Darwin Called homosexual pairing an inferior behavior FOR A REASON

          • MJ Comus

            I repeat – don’t straights who don’t make babies do the same thing: remove their DNA from the gene pool? Don’t they also “destroys all the genetic biodiversity that is created at meiosis”? So why are gays worse than childless heterosexuals?

            As for Darwin, “inferior” is an opinion, not a scientific fact. Besides he died 131 YEARS AGO; things have moved along since then.

            C’mon, grow up and join us here in the 21st century; you probably know a few gays without realizing it, gays who are hiding in the closet because of people with opinions like yours.

        • MJ Comus

          Just what exactly is “the queer agenda,” btw?

  • Gen. Black Jack Pershing

    Sorry, but the porn was pulled as soon as the public realized what Disney was up to.

    7. The Rescuers and the…oh, they didn’t, did they?past a poster advertising porn. Full-on, explicit porn. The movie was
    pulled as soon as Disney realized what their animators had been up to,
    Disney is all sorcery, witches, spell casting, and rebellion, and anyone who allows children to watch Disney is asking for children who rebel.
    Disney wrote Walt Disney with three 6s forward and three 6s backward in his name.

  • Rusty Varner

    From the World English Dictionary: pareidolia (noun) the imagined perception of a pattern or meaning where it does not actually exist.

    Source: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Pareidolia

  • Minnie ^-^

    o.o never noticed this

  • Minnie ^-^

    I just noticed people DO have great IMAGINATION.

  • shauna

    and now disney is openly gay … who is surprised at the behavior of gay folks they are the dirtiest ones at the party!!!

  • twoedgedsword

    You got this much time on your hands to make crap out of nothing, how about make something useful. Sheesh.

  • GuateNY

    This website sucks @$$. Çunts.

  • F M

    Disney is a company. It’s a singular noun. So stop writing as if it were plural. It should be “Disney was”, not “Disney were”.

    There’s so much bad grammar these days. Sorry for bringing up my pet peeve.

  • ejljr

    Everyone can see something different. I think some of these are just the work of people with less important things to do. And why bring this to the attention of others? Kids will naturally search to see it. I have a high aptitude for in abstract reasoning. I can see things in a picture or graphic that 90% of other people can’t see. I have tried at time to show people but they can’t see it. So, I just don’t bother telling others. So you can see it, so what! Don’t make a stupid issue out of it like in this article!

  • Buk Lau

    well talk about a poorly researched article. the phallus on the mermaid castle was on the original box art of the film, not a frame in the movie. disney released the film with new art and posters, etc. to cover up for the controversy. i know because i had a poster and clamshell vhs when i was a kid and the art for each was different because the poster came after. same design of ariel and eric with triton, the castle and ursula in the background but it was drawn differently so kids weren’t hanging giant dick castles on their walls.

    omg and you couldn’t even get the right frame of the “priest boner” during the wedding scene? this is the worst.

  • Toby Belch

    Jesus H Christ, I couldn’t even make this out until I Googled it. If you’re going to TIT-ilate us with supposed Disney outrages you could at least show a pair of animation boobs without putting a fucking black bar across them. None of this stuff rates outrage, anyway, unless you’re a blue-nosed Southern Baptist.

    • tammy

      This stuff comes from someones dirty mind, so doubt even Southern Baptists would see anything wrong with Disney Cartoons

  • Sa Say

    Most of this is just a stretch…to say the least. Trying to make something out of nothing.

  • Kelly Hamilton

    Oh, you naughty children, seeing naughty things in Disney cartoons! Disney cartoonists are the best in the business and could do much better if they really wanted to hide penises in their art. Sorry, but all these images are in your fevered imaginations. The fanciful notion of the “bored animators” is a juvenile fabrication. And why are the pictures so blurry? If your aim is to point out subtle, hidden details, you need a better resolution than these pathetic examples. Somebody has way too much time on their hands.

  • coolstang

    In the Little Mermaid, my Nephew showed me a section of the Video where you pause it and then advance it Frame by Frame and the King gets an erection. You don’t see it at normal speed.

  • Auntie Sober

    whoever wrote this needs to get laid, desperately

  • ra44mr2

    NOW i know why i like the Rescuers so much as a kid. :p

  • Lc Goodfellow

    Aaaah dog poo on all your shoes

  • lakawak

    10 things we never noticed, mostly because most, if not all of them didn’t exist

  • Gary Warren

    Who would be stupid enough, bored enough, or gullible enough, to read this stupid piece of trash?”

  • Truthteller1952

    The only people seeing the so-called ‘smut’ are the ones with the dirtiest minds — they see sex wherever they want, then complain because it doesn’t fit thier narrow mindset of ‘how things are supposed to be’.

  • Joy Sreta

    IT is well known that Walt Disney was a sick, racist, freaky individual. The entire Disney corporation is slimy, and this is a reflection of it

    • Bruce

      I didn’t know it…you have any proof, references, citations, or do you just work the rumor mill?

      • Therese Pankey

        Amen, Bruce.

  • Katie Wemhoff

    I never heard Aladdin saying “take off your clothes” in the balcony scene even though others insisted. I always thought he was saying “Down kitty… take off now, go!”

  • Phil; Reid Sr.

    Someone has way too much free time for their sick mind.

  • John Taylor

    It is all in the imagination of the individual.

  • matt

    these are all crap

  • Smart doofus

    How very imaginative!
    You know that there are Americans who actually believe that the Republican Party still has intelligent leaders. There are persons that think Rush Limbaugh is NOT a big piece of crrap who spews idiotic nonsense.

    • Therese Pankey

      LOL! How true! These, we know, are the ones who live in fantasy land. They also believe there is no hunger, racism, discrimination, sexual harassment or rape that is NOT caused by the person it is happening to.

  • Ken Anderson

    “10 things never noticed…” And I still have not noticed them because you have shown me nothing! If you’re going to say something was said, THEN PLAY THE AUDIO!. If you’re going to say something was shown, THEN SHOW ME THE PICTURE!. Ridiculous.

  • anne

    Well, I will never get that time back…..what a waste.

    • Bruce

      Its hysterical that you then take another two minutes to post that.

      • anne

        seconds, Bruce..just seconds. lol Also, allowed to post MY OPINION! HAVE A GREAT DAY….

  • Jiyu

    These myths are really tiresome and have been refuted many times over the years. If you look at the frame in question in the Lion King, for example, (look at it on your own copy, not the doctored still in this story), the letters formed in the stars are clearly “SFX” not “SEX”. SFX is movie shorthand for “special effects,” and was nothing more than a little self-aggrandizement by some overenthusiastic effects artists. Sheesh, get your minds out of the gutter, people!

  • Dom5157

    If it was on purpose that is very very hidden, so what did you do to find that? Search through the film to find dirty hidden pictures or something?

  • Diana Petersen

    I think to many people have filth on the mind and go to great lengths to find it in everything. Maybe the bible thumpers among us have gotten bored just complaining about video games. And the dark humor – the 3 pigs. Cartoons used to be shown between movies or before the feature film. Cartoons were often made to entertain both the child and the parent. Done very well. The kids would never notice but the parents who did would get a bit of a chuckle.

  • mitch

    The Little Mermaid “wedding scene” one even showed up on 60 Minutes many years ago. This is very common in the “entertainment” industry. You even see these in advertising, like in the butter logo that shows the indian maiden with her boobs moved down to her knees.

  • Darrell Ray

    Mostly just stuff with sex on the mind PROJECT into the picture and then others see when told to see it.

  • msgadget6905

    I think the writers were REALLY stretching it with their explanations. You can see whatever you want if you look hard enough. I don’t go to the movies looking for hidden meanings. The Three Little Pigs picture was good.
    PS- the political comments of some of the readers is just as crazy as the article. Why do some people have to make EVERYTHING about politics?

  • http://reality-bytes.hubpages.com/hub/Who-Is-The-Rothschild-Family William Rothschild

    It’s no surprise at all. All disney movies have either subtle, subliminal, or outright sexual, satanic, and/or mind controlling features. Just google “Disney Bloodlines” and find out for yourself.

    • Oilnwater

      Yeah better that our kids watch porn than this evil stuff

    • tammy

      I’ve heard about the Rothschilds being in the Illuminati, and trying to destroy the world. Is that true??? I didn’t think so, but it makes just about as much sense as your comment

  • Lynn Yancosky

    There is a book published years ago entitled “Subliminal Seduction.” In it the author reveals how advertisers use images of sex and death to subliminally draw the viewer into looking at the ad, stirring the unconscious mind so the product becomes more attractive to the consumer. Viewers are not consciously aware that this is happening. The use of the word “sex” can be found on about every magazine cover photos of female models. If you relax your mind in order not to try so hard to find it, you will notice the word, as well as more graphic ones, generally on the lighter brushed out areas of the cheek and above the eyes.

    In case you may be doubtful about this, I am sure you have heard about department stores that have messages such as “I am a good employee, I will not steal merchandise,” and other such affirmations running beneath the Muzak playing in the store. It has been proven that this experiment has resulted in less employee theft.

    Ads and shows today are more overtly sexual, but the hidden stuff is still there. While it may be partially the result of inside jokes amid animators, but I think the subliminal angle is at work here as well.

    • tammy

      They used to use subliminal messages in advertisements but they were outlawed way back in about 1970

  • http://batman-news.com henry

    They haven’t stated uit was the bible thumpers that supposedly found these things.
    They have perveted minds.
    I can’t see some of the things even when circled so we are supposed to see them.

  • Lynn Guss

    Some people haev WAY too much time on their hands.

  • Charles Schwartz

    Have you people nothing else to worry about?

  • Reece Marsden

    I’m surprised that the one scene from Who Framed Roger Rabbit when Donald and Daffy Duck are playing dueling pianos and Donald calls Daffy a stupid N*****, how did that one get through and what is their explanation on that one

  • Christine Cuneo

    Ever regret clicking on garbage.

    • Andy Frobig

      Regret it? I live for it.

  • Kelvin Reid

    Here is one that is real. In the original laserdisc release of ” Who Framed Roger Rabbit” Then head of Disney Michael Eisner home phone number is clearly visible.He of course changed it. And also in ” The Rescuers ” original home video release as they fall by a apartment windows you can see a naked women.This is much clearer on the laserdisc version.

  • John Strother

    how many times are they going to show this? I mean really. To show it once was bad enough, but to rerun it so many times, they must be perverts as editors.

  • Kelvin Reid

    This article must of been written by a Canadian as they spelled “favorite” wrong

    • Andy Frobig

      You spelled “have” wrong, there’s no O or F in it.

  • jarod griffith

    Who Framed Roger Rabbit is Touchstone Pictures. You just lost so much credibility.

    • Andy Frobig

      Touchstone has been a fully owned subsidiary of Disney since its founding. And let’s face it, as soon as you put anything at all on the internet, your cred is zero.

      • jarod griffith


      • jarod griffith


  • jarod griffith

    A phone sex service? So full of shit. Worst article ever written.

  • Figjam_US

    …I think the author(s) of this article have their own “penis” obsession – and are “seeing” things that simply are not there.

  • GameTime

    Well ever since ABC bought Disney its been turned into one big liberal circus. Actually, I’m tired of the liberal messaging all over Disney these days and their crass commercialization. Very little “enchanting” about the place anymore.

    • Andy Frobig

      Daggan libruls.

    • Oilnwater

      yeah boo a liberal circus why not a good ol’fashioned conservative circus for a change!

    • Therese Pankey

      Actually, you should get your facts straight. Disney bought ABC. I worked for ABC Cap Cities when Disney bought it and then chopped it up selling off all print, keeping only the broadcasting sections.

  • TomL

    It’s the author that is stupid. He/she doesn’t know that “Disney” is a singular noun, not plural.

    • Oilnwater

      They are using Disney as an adjective in the Byline. It describes the kind of movies; they are “Disney” movies.

  • Bob Shuttleworth

    Someone has way to much time on their hands and much too vivid an imagination.

  • Elaine Floyd

    I think the people who dreamed up this article need some therapy. I fail to see anything phallic or suggestive in any of these and the sausage photo? I’m not certain that wasn’t photo shopped in.

  • Evilcween

    # 10 Hercules. The muse is standing with her lowaer body turned to the back. What we are seeing is her thigh. Her hands are clearly on her hips. You are an idiot!

    Jessica Rabbit:
    Lower half of body does not match up to the upper half of body. The crime here is obvious misalignment. There is no evidence of anything missing under her dress.
    You are reaching.

  • AJCEditor

    Nice. You gotta have a sense of humor ;-)

    Animators have been having this type of fun forever.

  • me

    Such a crock. I’m not even going to finish looking at this crap. If you look n the clouds, you see shapes, too. Who are you going to blame for THAT?

  • Silsez

    I’ve seen every one of these movies with my kids. These examples are the products of some very sick minds. Keep your damaged fantasies to yourselves, PLEASE!

  • Craig Bohmont

    Whoever sees these things probably wants to make a trip to the beach a chaperoned activity, due to the things they see in the sand!

  • Delphine Martin

    Nah. Not rogue animators. Disney has been putting subliminal stuff in their productions from the beginning. Wat. You didn’t know this is a pedophiliac outfit?

    • tammy

      You are kidding, right??? Or are you just sick????

  • Josh Carter

    actually the aladdin line in my tape is far more disturbing. the line is “good teenagers take off their clothes”

  • Joan

    What is the most incredible thing about this? That I plodded all the way through it! I must have a strange mind, because I have yet to see all those phallic symbols. Nor did is see the all-out-porn in the Rescuers poster. And to think, I have a friend who says a dirty mind is a joy forever. Mine must be clean? or confused.

  • JoAnn Irrgang

    Did a 13 year old submit this…they see and hear sexual content in everything….can’t you get real writers??

  • pbob67

    This is really proof the some people need to get a life… not a fan of Disney since Walt died, nonetheless, this is ridiculous… really

  • Granada

    What dirty minds you all have!

  • Artie412

    What crap.

  • ort

    Disney seems to be doing this stuff on purpose. They ought to be ashamed of themselves, but they aren’t. I don’t think Disney is something a kid should be watching, based on what I have seen here. JMO.
    *if you respond with nastiness just to be a jerk, then don’t. This is my opinion and I am entitled to it.*

    • Therese Pankey

      Saying that Disney ought to be ashamed,I have to ask you, did you EVER notice these things in the movies BEFORE you read this? Think about it, don’t just take this one person’s word for it. If you enjoyed the movies before continue to enjoy them and ignore these rantings from an over active imagination.

      • ort

        That this sort of stuff is in there to begin with is disturbing. Grown men putting sexual subliminal messaging in a CHILDREN’S movie is sick.

        • tammy

          This article is just someones dirty mind, probably a 13 year old. Nobody sees them, because they are not really there. Look at the stars, you can see anything you want to. Now, is God putting them there? or is your own mind putting them there? Where they saw sex, I saw movie. But my imagination does not go that way. It’s just dumb little boy imagination

          • ort

            I’m still not sure, but I hope you are correct. I really do.

  • Phillip Brandt

    ridiculous ! Whoever wrote this article is hung up on penises. Really stretching there !

  • Beatrice Hornfluffer

    Disney used to go to this kids house in LA He even gave him a personal tour of Disneyland before it opened. He as well as most other elites in LA were steeped into the occult/black magic and had orgies weekly. Can I verify this? No but I know this stuff happened. Another “guest’ of his home was Bob Hope.

  • Carol McMeans

    Grow Up!!

  • becca marie

    Seriously..The people who notices these things have way to much time on their hands!

  • James McGill

    Our species has adapted an ability to identify patterns and to quickly extract signal from noise. It’s a serious advantage in the natural selection process — one of our most important assets. I wish that so much pre-code Hollywood material hadn’t been destroyed. I wish that the Hays code had not come about just when we were starting to get good panchromatic films, just when motion pictures were starting to be a national, or international, phenomenon. Weird puritan ideas got themselves embedded in every aspect of entertainment and today we pay a dear price for it.

  • TomL

    Within the text, when referring to Disney, the studio, they consistently write: “Disney have” and “Disney were” instead of Disney has and was.

  • deville55

    I would like to extend my hearty congratulations for assembling the most asinine waste of time in internet history. Additionally I would like to commend the editors and the entire Movieseum staff for supporting the moron who put this stream together

  • Natnat’s mom

    i hate it when people turn cartoons to trash. ruins my cartoons. shame on your twisted mind.

  • terrythecork

    Starting with Mike (the Kike, behind his back at Disney) Eisner. Disney is rife with Homos in Supervisory positions. The “Straight” employees are constantly hassled. Residents of Orlando refer to Disney as “The Mouse”, “The Rat”, or the “Faggot Kingdom”. Save your money and take the Kids to Gator Land, then stay in a nicer Motel with a Pool……Disney fucked Orlando…

  • Robert Thompson

    So, what I gathered from this is that the person writing it is a 13 year old boy going through some major hormonal changes.

    • tammy

      OK you won the comment of the day LOL

  • Yrral

    Except for the three pigs (which wasn’t sexual), it seems that the illustrators of the more recent films have decided to hijack the Disney image for their own purposes.

  • John Baxter

    Come on–this sort of “analysis” belongs on a conspiracy-theorist YouTube channel. You disingenuously present the material as if it were a settled matter that these scenes contain the hidden messages you ascribe to them. And what do we actually get? The usual unconvincing nonsense. In addition to that, if you knew what went into animating even a few seconds of a Disney film, you’d know that there is simply no possibility of a “disgruntled artist” sneaking forbidden material into a scene.

    • Therese Pankey

      I disagree with “no possibility” aspect. There is always a way as an artist I know it can be done, but do you really think Disney would LET a disgruntled artist work on a piece? It would probably be done more as a joke to play on the adults watching.

      • John Baxter

        No offense, Therese, but you’re wrong. In any animation feature, and especially at Disney, every single frame of animation is scrutinized by a boatload of people, including the director, and nothing subversive, no matter how subtle, could possibly pass undetected–or rather, it would have to be so subtle as to be completely invisible. This is an old “urban legend” about Disney that started when someone claimed they thought they could make out the word “sex” in The Lion King–there are entire websites devoted to the subject, just like there are channels and sites devoted to “seeing” alien corpses and artifacts in the photos taken by the Mars rovers. The only accurate claim in this article is that The Three Little Pigs contained a portrait of some sausage links titled “Father”–but that was deliberate and quite overt. The rest is utter nonsense, and you can ascertain that for yourself by just looking carefully at the “examples.”

  • MJ Comus

    Hell, you don’t have to look for subliminal porn in Disney – it’s right out in the open! Go to the 8 minute mark in the 3 Little Pigs short “The Practical Pig” and watch him strap his 2 brothers into a spanking machine that paddles their bare bottoms until they’re glowing red. (Butt punishment shows up in quite a few of the old Disney shorts, as a matter of fact; I guess it was Walt’s hobby.)

    Then there’s the ‘twitterpated’ scene in Bambi where Thumper and Flower meet and fall in love with their female counterparts: Thumper goes into a thumping orgasm that leaves him collapsed on the forest floor while Flower turns bright red and stiff as a board when he meets his girlfriend; nothing subliminal but pretty obviously symbolic!

  • curbie

    I have one problem with one. Okay I love the little mermaid amd I watched it more then a thousand times. Get ur facts straight or watch the movie again. It made me angry u got that scene wrong. It was not ariel getting married to prince eric when the priest had a woody. It was ursla (misspelled) diguised as vanessa that was wrongfully trying to marry prince eric. When you write these articles. Research a piece u understand and get it right and get ready for the damn the fans to correct u on it. Cause u know im right about this. Grrr

    • Therese Pankey

      Missing the point of the article, but point we’ll taken! I also noticed the author’s obvious faux pas.

  • zjak10

    Man! Most of these are a real reach, and the others take a perverted mind to read anything into them.

  • rtrack

    The Lion King- Really? I mean, really? Is this how a perv sees the world around (usually) him? Every cat he looks at is a naked woman’s a$$? Unbelievable.

  • Michael Renn

    Whomever sees and hears lewd stuff here is a pervert.

  • Therese Pankey

    Ok, I have to say this… The author of this article is OBVIOUSLY sex deprived or a nymphomaniac. I got news for you, you can’t travel ANYWHERE where you don’t see phalic symbols in buildings, i.e. Tajmahal, Capitol building in D.C., courthouse in almost every city/county/parish/state Capitol in the U.S., EMPIRE STATE BUILDING! Need I go on? As for the three little pigs I agree with the others. But, in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit”, really? All the violence, sexual induendos (spoof on adultery of Jessica playing “patty cakes”), and let’s not forget the beastiality aspect Roger and Jessica and YOU focus on one POSSIBLE squirl shot? This movie was never really meant for children. Now, I love this film because it is such a good spoof on all the old cartoons and film noir we used to watch, so take it in the light in which it was meant! All the rest are certainly a Rorschach test. You see what you want to see!

    • Therese Pankey

      Should clarify… I agree that the 3 pigs cartoon was written at a time and in a venue when they were not really intended for children. So get a sex life. Maybe then you won’t have time to scrutinize for imaginary offences.

    • Peter Henderson

      The author of this article is clearly trying to produce a passable diversion and earn his or her paycheck. I wouldn’t read more into it than that.

  • Bastian Alexander

    The preacher’s “phallic form” in the Little Mermaid is actually his knee….

  • laurieangel64 .

    Iam old enough that I remember the news story of the original 1st VHS release of little mermaid&the artist who drew the cover was fired for putting the penis on the castle&a new cover was made.if you have an original and compare it to later ones you can see the difference.don’t know about the rest though

  • breed7

    A “careering” chase in the Rescuers? Was this written by an idiot? Do you seriously not know the word “careening”?

  • Naomi Lackey

    I didn’t even go passed the 4th one. This is ridiculous. Disney movies are still the most enjoyable to watch & listen to. The new artists are not as good as the old one’s – the new movies all are made with a ‘dark’ side. People who don;t want life to be good, will always find something ‘bad’ to discuss. Thumbs down, on this article.

  • Nati

    #3 that’s not Ariel, that’s Ursula dressed as a human. If you can’t get that right, how are people suppose to believe all this nonsense?

  • Centralist

    Everything is either concave or convex,
    Therefore everything has something to do with sex.
    -Piet Hein

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