11 Behind the Scenes Secrets of The Hunger Games

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Photo credit: Lionsgate

Photo credit: Lionsgate

When you first heard about The Hunger Games movie, did you not snort inside your head just a little? No shame-we won’t judge you here. And then your interest started to peak when you heard Jennifer Lawrence was in it? And Elizabeth Banks? And Toby Jones? And suddenly it looked less like another young-adult travesty in the vein of Twilight and more like a movie you could actually imagine yourself seeing? Yeah, you and me both. Enjoy some guilt-free behind the scenes factoids to dazzle your friends who’ve “read the books”. Number three will dazzle them….

1. The Make-Up was Brutal

To create an appropriately futuristic feel to the costumes, some of the actors had to suffer through extraordinary amounts of make-up before the cameras even started rolling. Stanley Tucci had to act under layers of fake tan and huge eyebrows, while Elizabeth Banks deemed her huge bejewelled false nails the worst part of appearing in the film-with them on, she couldn’t go to the bathroom or unbutton her clothes with generous help from a kind someone!

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