11 Star Wars Facts You Won’t Believe

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Photo credit: Lucasarts

Photo credit: Lucasarts

It’s a given: Star Wars is the sci-fi series to end all sci-fi series. If you meet someone who really doesn’t like Star Wars, there’s probably something wrong with them, and you should never see them again. The six-movie series- which is soon to be expanded with a new director at the helm- built an entire universe and a huge amount of mythology into it’s running time. Even the hardest of hardcore fans don’t know everything about the films- so why not give yourself a crash course in awesome Star Wars trivia? Number four will surprise you!

1. THAT Gold Bikini

I’ve not met a man-no, scratch that, preson-alive who’s sexual awakening didn’t come at the hands (or, erm, other appendages) of Princess Leia in that gold bikini. But there’s something that’s rarely brought up when discussing her merits- that the scenes had to be constantly reshot thanks to endless wardrobe malfunction. It took poor Carrie Fisher being taped into the outfit to actually get those scenes shot-and I’m sure we’re all delighted that they did.

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