12 Amazing Films The Critics Hated

Photo credit: Universm Film

Photo credit: Universm Film

Not every classic movie gets the response it should when it’s first released. You know what I mean-everyone seems to love it, but for some reason the critics just don’t share that opinion and it winds up getting ignored in awards season. Sometimes, it’s a retroactive thing- it takes a few years (or decades) for the movie to properly sink in and get the critical reaction that it deserves. But what movies got completely panned by critics- only to find their place in the halls of fame later? We’ve compiled a list of awesome films the critics panned-you’ll be surprised by number nine!

1. Metropolis

Fritz Lang’s dystopian classic isn’t the easiest film to love- it’s silent, surreal, and features a plot that requires serious concentration to understand-but that doesn’t mean that it’s anything less than a masterpiece. Critics at the time described it as “extravagantly theatric”-now, you won’t find a must-see list of classic movies that doesn’t at least nod to this brilliant bit of cinematic theatre. A fascinatingly beautiful, meticulously put-together drama that works on every level.

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  • http://rodneywelch.blogspot.com/ RodneyWelch

    This list is completely wrong. “The critics” did NOT hate these movies. All the writer did was select 12 well-known movies, found a bad review or two somewhere, and pretended it was majority opinion. The exception is “Ace Ventura,” which has only been described as amazing exactly once, and that was by whoever wrote this silly, silly article.

    • Brad King

      This is mostly correct. Unforgiven, for one, actually was critically acclaimed– I know that for a fact. In fact, it deduted in 1998 on AFI’s top-100 movies list at #98, and it’s generally considered one of the best westerns ever. In fact, it IS the best western ever in my opinion.

      • http://www.examiner.com/outdoor-recreation-in-newark/brian-sniatkowski briansnat

        “Unforgiven” is the third best western ever, behind “Stagecoach” and “The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance”, in my opinion of course. “The Searchers” and “High Noon” would round out my top 5.

  • Brad King

    Untamed Heart is an very good film, yet not critically acclaimed. Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei both put in excellent performances, and film a current of genuine emotion and sentimentality (that was not sappy in any way) flows through the film, yet the critics somehow missed it.

  • Bill Bush

    in “All About Eve” this moron calls Bette Davis…..Bette Midler, this shows how totally clueless they are, they know absolutely nothing about movies and just pretend that they do.

  • http://www.examiner.com/outdoor-recreation-in-newark/brian-sniatkowski briansnat

    I recall some of these movies receiving considerable critical acclaim at the time of their release. “Unforgiven” and “Apocalypse Now”, “Annie Hall” and “Godfather Part 2″ come immediately to mind. I wasn’t around for some of the older ones so I can’t say for sure how they were generally received. Because a few critics didn’t like them doesn’t mean all the critics didn’t like them. I challenge the author to find a single movie, no matter how widely acclaimed, that didn’t have some negative reviews at the time it was released.

    BTW, Bette Midler was 5 years old when “All About Eve” was released. It was Bette Davis, who is hardly underrated.

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