12 Amazing Films The Critics Hated

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Photo credit: Universm Film

Photo credit: Universm Film

Not every classic movie gets the response it should when it’s first released. You know what I mean-everyone seems to love it, but for some reason the critics just don’t share that opinion and it winds up getting ignored in awards season. Sometimes, it’s a retroactive thing- it takes a few years (or decades) for the movie to properly sink in and get the critical reaction that it deserves. But what movies got completely panned by critics- only to find their place in the halls of fame later? We’ve compiled a list of awesome films the critics panned-you’ll be surprised by number nine!

1. Metropolis

Fritz Lang’s dystopian classic isn’t the easiest film to love- it’s silent, surreal, and features a plot that requires serious concentration to understand-but that doesn’t mean that it’s anything less than a masterpiece. Critics at the time described it as “extravagantly theatric”-now, you won’t find a must-see list of classic movies that doesn’t at least nod to this brilliant bit of cinematic theatre. A fascinatingly beautiful, meticulously put-together drama that works on every level.

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