12 Amazing Films The Critics Hated

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Photo credit: Universm Film

Photo credit: Universm Film

Not every classic movie gets the response it should when it’s first released. You know what I mean-everyone seems to love it, but for some reason the critics just don’t share that opinion and it winds up getting ignored in awards season. Sometimes, it’s a retroactive thing- it takes a few years (or decades) for the movie to properly sink in and get the critical reaction that it deserves. But what movies got completely panned by critics- only to find their place in the halls of fame later? We’ve compiled a list of awesome films the critics panned-you’ll be surprised by number nine!

1. Metropolis

Fritz Lang’s dystopian classic isn’t the easiest film to love- it’s silent, surreal, and features a plot that requires serious concentration to understand-but that doesn’t mean that it’s anything less than a masterpiece. Critics at the time described it as “extravagantly theatric”-now, you won’t find a must-see list of classic movies that doesn’t at least nod to this brilliant bit of cinematic theatre. A fascinatingly beautiful, meticulously put-together drama that works on every level.

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  • http://rodneywelch.blogspot.com/ RodneyWelch

    This list is completely wrong. “The critics” did NOT hate these movies. All the writer did was select 12 well-known movies, found a bad review or two somewhere, and pretended it was majority opinion. The exception is “Ace Ventura,” which has only been described as amazing exactly once, and that was by whoever wrote this silly, silly article.

    • Brad King

      This is mostly correct. Unforgiven, for one, actually was critically acclaimed– I know that for a fact. In fact, it deduted in 1998 on AFI’s top-100 movies list at #98, and it’s generally considered one of the best westerns ever. In fact, it IS the best western ever in my opinion.

      • pisher

        It’s a decent movie, but it’s not even one of Clint Eastwood’s ten best westerns.

    • pisher

      I just came across this–man, somebody did not do their research. I mean, Casablanca won the Academy Award for Best Picture! Yeah, there’s a neglected masterpiece for ya.

      Ace Ventura was badly reviewed, and RIGHTLY reviewed. It’s a crap movie, that is only remembered for having set Jim Carrey on the road towards making much better films (along with a few that are even worse).

      Just because you can find a few bad reviews of a classic film doesn’t mean the film got bad reviews as a whole. All movies get some bad reviews. I mean, Pauline Kael panned Star Wars, so why isn’t that on the list? :)

  • Brad King

    Untamed Heart is an very good film, yet not critically acclaimed. Christian Slater and Marisa Tomei both put in excellent performances, and film a current of genuine emotion and sentimentality (that was not sappy in any way) flows through the film, yet the critics somehow missed it.

  • Bill Bush

    in “All About Eve” this moron calls Bette Davis…..Bette Midler, this shows how totally clueless they are, they know absolutely nothing about movies and just pretend that they do.

    • Jeffrey Martini

      I thought it was maybe translated from The Chinese. How stupid can you be. They also referred to Speed Racer as Speed Rader. In Giant bold letters.

  • Oliver

    Your writer must be very young, or just made stuff up. There are scores of films that meet the criteria you describe in the article (and title), but none of these qualify.

    I was an active movie goer when most of these films came out, and for starters, Unforgiven (winner of 4 Oscars including best picture & director) and Annie Hall (winner of best picture, director, screenplay and actress) and Godfather Part 2 (winner of 6 Oscars, including best picture, director, screenplay and actor) were never panned by mainstream critics, let alone “hated”. In fact, most were hailed as masterpieces DURING their theatrical runs. It’s true that Wizard of Oz and Casablanca weren’t hailed as classics during their initial release, but they weren’t panned or hated either. One has to keep in mind that both were released during Hollywood’s “Golden Age”, when major films were released every week, and even the biggest movie stars worked year round as part of the studio system. For example, Wizard was released within the same period as The Adventures of Robin Hood and Gone With the Wind, so it had some competition. I also noticed the bad “reviews” you occasionally use as evidence have no attribution; don’t know if they were written by reputable, working film critics, or if they’re even real. And calling Ace Ventura and Speed Racer classics…makes me believe that they are the only films you’ve ever seen. A worthless and actively false (if not fake) article. These are all lies, folks. Your suggestions in the comments are far more accurate.

  • Jeffrey Martini

    Disagree. Unforgiven had a depth and texture that none of the Leone films had. It was much thinner on bloodshed. If I am picking a second place Eastwood western it’s Josey Wales.

  • Jeffrey Martini

    I don’t recall the critical response to Do The Right Thing, but it was nominated for best picture. I remember because Billy Crystal, noting that Spike Lee wasn’t nominated for Director, quipped when announcing the BP nominees: “Do The Right Thing – the picture that evidently directed itself.”

  • mcgin029

    Unforgiven has a 95% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This is a dumb article.

  • mcgin029

    The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance is very, very good. I’ve always been distracted by the middle-aged Stewart and Wayne playing people who are supposed to be in their 20s. But that is balanced out by the quality of the acting.

  • Schexy

    I have never commented on an internet article but this is the dumbest piece of uninformed laziness I have ever read. I am stupider for having read it. Half of these films that everyone “hated” won multiple oscars, no one regards Speedracer as a classic, and Bette Davis was not underrated. In fact, pretty much everyone but whoever wrote this garbage knows her name is not Midler.

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