12 Disney Channel Movies To Watch Again

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Photo credit: Disney Channel

Photo credit: Disney Channel

So I’m sure we’re all kind of aware what kind of movies the Disney Channel makes nowadays-or at least the reputation that surrounds those movies. They are generally viewed as saccharine, sweet pieces of fluff that wouldn’t past muster with even the least discerning tween in middle school. But there was a time when the Disney Channel actually made movies that are worth watching-even if it’s only to revel in nostalgia. Grab the popcorn and settle down with our favourite Disney Channel flicks-you won’t believe you forgot number three!

1. Miracle in Lane 2

This movie is genuinely sweet provided you don’t look at it from the older brother’s point of view (usurped much?). Frankie Muniz stars as the stricken child who’s desperate to try and win a trophy like his athletic older brother. Since this is a Disney movie you can pretty much see how it ends, but it’s still a pretty merry and uncynical ride-and Frankie Muniz was just so unbelievably cute when he was a kid. He even manages to avoid the annoying child syndrome, which makes him a rare standout in Disney movie terms.

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