12 Great Movies You Might Have Missed

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Photo credit: Universal

Photo credit: Universal

2. The Bone Collector

Though it’s hard to imagine that a movie starring Angelina Jolie, Queen Latifah and Denzel Washington could be forgotten, this adaptation of the classic Jeffery Deaver novel wound up consigned to the scrapheap of our collective cinematic memory. That’s a real shame, especially considering the all-star cast really bring something rather new to this ugly crime thriller. Philip Noyce directs the tale of a New York City killer and the crippled cop who’s drawn into the case. Jolie puts in a particularly against-type performance, shrugging off the vixen label she’s often stuck with in movies of this type, and exhibits some sparkling chemistry with the bed-ridden Washington.  An expressive, tight, and intelligent crime drama made during that late-nineties golden age for the genre.

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