12 Great Movies You Might Have Missed

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Photo credit: MGM

Photo credit: MGM

3. Bobby

Talk about unfairly overlooked movies. Grossing less than $70,000 on it’s opening weekend, this examination of the day leading up to the assassination of Robert Kennedy has it all. An all-star cast all-star casts- we’re talking Elijah Wood, Christian Slater, Larry Fishbourne, Sharon Stone, Helen Hunt, Anthony Hopkins, William H. Macy, among many, many more- makes up the films wide ensemble, each character given their own small story to tell in the lead-up to the shooting. Directed by Emilio Estevez (whose father, Martin Sheen, is given a prominent role), the film received a wobbly commercial response and tanked during awards season, despite the critical acclaim it received from some. Extremely ambitious, it represents the pinnacle of Estevez’ professional career, and an immense talent for turning the insignificant into the significant without straining for purpose.

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