12 Things You Never Knew About Home Alone

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Photo credit: Hughes Entertainment

Photo credit: Hughes Entertainment

Let’s face it: home alone is a pretty iconic franchise. Whether it’s just a glimpse of Macauley Culkin’s wide-eyed face-you’re picturing the very one right now-or the mixture of fear and desire you felt when you found yourself home by yourself after seeing this movie. Whether you liked it or didn’t chances are you’ve seen this movie at least three times in your life-it’s a universal fact true of any kid who grew up before a certain time. Want to delve into some secrets behind the making of everyone’s least favourite-favourite kids movie? You’ll be surprised by number eight!

1. Joe Pesci

Joe Pesci is well known for playing roles like that of his in Goodfellas-angry, violent, unpredictable and dangerous. While his part in Home Alone was far more on the silly side, that didn’t stop him from bringing a bit of grit to the proceedings-although unintentionally. He apparently was prone to dropping accidental f-bombs throughout a number of rants in the movie-so much so that the director insisted he use the word “fridge” instead.

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