15 Movie Survival Tips

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Photo credit: Shamley Productions

Photo credit: Shamley Productions

Movie characters can be a really frustrating bunch. The way the throw away their lives like they know they’re expendable characters in a film. It makes us crazy, and makes us think that if a masked killer was stalking us, we could survive way longer. And don’t get us started on those lovable bad boys, who steal our hearts before we’ve had a chance to decide whether we even like them. Well here are 15 rules to make sure you survive, and succeed, at the end of the movie.

1. Bathrooms spell DOOM!

Nothing good ever happens in a bathroom. Just thing about it, there are so many ways in which a bathroom can be scary. The quick pull of a shower curtain can invite an evil killer to hack you to pieces in his mother’s dress. A mirrored bathroom cabinet seems only to have been invented for you to finally see a ghost when you close it. Bathrooms are the most dangerous rooms in the house. Approach with caution, and a big knife.

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