Top 10 Banned Films

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Photo credit: F.D Cinematogrofia

Photo credit: F.D Cinematogrofia

Some movies, for whatever reason, wind up on the scrap pile. Censors are known to be a tricky bunch, and over the years they’ve leapt on movies for featuring sex, drugs and rock and roll-though mostly violence. Violence is usually the most likely thing to get a film banned from cinemas-but some movies that are now considered classics were once deemed too much by censors and thrown onto the cutting room floor. So, what movies did you nearly not see? You’ll be surprised by number ten!

1. Cannibal Holocaust

Although I’m not sure if everyone would call this a classic, but it’s certainly a seminal movie-marking a huge step forward for the cinema verite style of found footage horror that would dominate in years to come. But in the seventies, the violent depiction of what it says on the tin was too much for censors-finding itself banned in the UK and a number of other countries to boot. Some of the violence was so convincing the filmmakers were taken to court to prove it wasn’t real.

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