Top 10 Best Actors You Forgot About

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Photo credit: Focus Features

Photo credit: Focus Features

Some actors just have to deal with the fact that they’re never going to get the recognition they should for their work. Sometimes, it’s because they’re terrible-and other times, it’s because they’re brilliant but forgotten. Relegated to the supporting roles, or appearing for a scene-stealing cameo then vanishing from the rest of the movie. But we’ve put together a list of actors we know that you’ll have seen, loved-and then completely forgotten about. At the very least, you should recognise number four….

1. Giovanni Ribisi

You probably know him from playing Phoebe’s little brother in Friends- but this reheaded star has done so much more than that. He’s shown incredible range in a number of movies- whether the cartoonishly money-driven businessman in Avatar, the well-meaning but useless husband in Lost in Translation, or the staggeringly hilarious neo-fascist in The Rum Diaries, this is someone who’s continually stolen scenes out from under the noses of every actor- and never gets credit for it. You might have spotted him as Ralph Mariano in My Name is Earl, as well as a host of other TV roles.

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