Top 10 Future Marvel Films

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Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

With 2014 full of mutants from future and past, guardians of the galaxy and a wise cracking teenager in a red and blue spandex suite, what can we expect from the marvel films of the future? Here are some of the films being fast-tracked to a screen near you.

1. Third Wolverine Spin-off

Thanks to the success, and the major rise in quality from the first film, The Wolverine director James Mangold is powering on with a third installment. The second of Wolverine’s stand-alone films is now the second most successful film of the series behind The Last Stand, so the character is still financially viable. Not much is known about the film, however, clues can be found in the post credits sting in the second movie. The scene takes place two years after Logan’s Japan adventures so there is a big gap of time that the director, and Hugh Jackman, can play with in their quest to make the perfect Wolverine movie.

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