Top 10 Terrifying Movies of All Time

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Photo credit: Haxan Films

Photo credit: Haxan Films

I believe that secretly, deep down, everyone enjoys being scared. Okay, so I’m not saying everyone enjoys being petrified witless or hiding behind the sofa or sleeping with the lights on for six months after you saw Paranormal Activity, but we all like a great horror film. Everyone has their own particular opinion on what makes a movie really scary (my own biggest fear is at number 7), but if you’re looking for guaranteed, straight-to-the-veins scares, let me tempt you with some truly terrifying horror classics…

1. The Blair Witch Project

You might roll your eyes at this one, but have you actually seen it? Although it seems to come up on every Scariest Films Ever list, there’s a damn good reason for it- it’s terrifying. A perfect example of why tension is so much more important than violence, it’s a film where very little happens on screen-but a whole hell of a lot happens in your imagination. And that ending….I didn’t go wandering round the supposedly-haunted woods with a video camera for weeks afterwards.

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