The 12 Most Boring Movies Ever Made

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Photo credit: Andy Warhol

Photo credit: Andy Warhol

Sometimes, movies just don’t turn out right. Occasionally, you hit the jackpot and wind up with a movie that’s so bad it’s good-the writing so hilariously melodramatic, the acting so laboured, the story so weak that the film itself becomes a masterpiece as everything that’s wrong with cinema. Most of the time, though , you simply wind up with a dud. But how do you know the difference? Well, we’ve put together a list of twelve movies that are so sensationally dull that you should never bother giving them a shot. You’re welcome. Although you may already have suffered through number four…

12. Empire

Many of you may well have heard of Andy Warhol; the surrealist pop-art master who did a lot of crazy stuff in his spare time. Even his private life was interesting-which is what makes this, the devastatingly boring Empire, such a shock. Yes, we know that the Empire State Building is a marvel of modern technology, and we don’t really need to see it explained to us through various interminable arty shots over the course of what seems like eight days. It’s just one damn shot, sustained for hours. Thrilling.

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