The 12 Most Boring Movies Ever Made

Photo credit: Andy Warhol

Photo credit: Andy Warhol

Sometimes, movies just don’t turn out right. Occasionally, you hit the jackpot and wind up with a movie that’s so bad it’s good-the writing so hilariously melodramatic, the acting so laboured, the story so weak that the film itself becomes a masterpiece as everything that’s wrong with cinema. Most of the time, though , you simply wind up with a dud. But how do you know the difference? Well, we’ve put together a list of twelve movies that are so sensationally dull that you should never bother giving them a shot. You’re welcome. Although you may already have suffered through number four…

1. Empire

Many of you may well have heard of Andy Warhol; the surrealist pop-art master who did a lot of crazy stuff in his spare time. Even his private life was interesting-which is what makes this, the devastatingly boring Empire, such a shock. Yes, we know that the Empire State Building is a marvel of modern technology, and we don’t really need to see it explained to us through various interminable arty shots over the course of what seems like eight days. It’s just one damn shot, sustained for hours. Thrilling.

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  • JKW

    don’t forget about that mammoth turd “The Paper” with Micheal Keaton or the even bigger turd “Punchline” with Sally Fields and Tom Hanks….star power yes! Good movies? NO

    • leelee

      “Mammoth turd” LOL

    • Lacey W

      I don’t think you can say Puchline was BORING. Bad, maybe, though I liked it, but it moved pretty well and had good character development. It was freaky to see Fields and Hanks together again in Forrest Gump.

  • morgan ruble

    robin hodd or robin hood??

    • loading_plz_wait

      It’s Robin Hodd starring Rene Zpelledwrong.

    • Bubbawubba Gump

      You thought robin hood was bad? Robin Hodd was god awful!

      • Lovenia Johnson

        And public school is even worse.loading must be the A student since he uses upper case for proper names.

        • Bubbawubba Gump

          Thanks for checking my writing skills, I don’t know how the internet could exist without blowhards like you.

          • Michael Link

            As an apprentice blowhard, I appreciate how much credit you give us for being such douchebags….

  • Mind Bird

    “Eat, Pray, Love”—excellent for sleeping.

  • leelee

    Reds. The only movie I ever walked out of. It was like watching someone’s powerpoint presentation about the event. Also, and I’m sure nobody agrees with me… When Harry Met Sally. People talking. Then they are talking in a car. On a bus. In a restaurant. Jeezzzzz. BORING

    • Kackzie Wackzie

      I agree about Reds. I have to chalk up Oliver Stone’s movie about John Kennedy. I slept through it, in a theater no less. Another boring one: The Last Temptation of Christ. I guess boring is truly a relative word. Sitting through horror movies is incredibly boring to me because most lack any plot.

      • leelee

        oh God, yes, the Kennedy movie. I actually saw that one on New Year’s Eve when it came out. What a party animal I was. zzzzzzzzzz

    • Kathleen Karp

      leelee, I agree with you. Reds was quite boring but Out Of Africa was worse.

      • rampantlion

        I have to agree about “Out Of Africa”. I would have to watch it in sections, as would fall asleep, given more than 15 minutes at a time…

    • p3orion

      Absolutely right, but do you really think the lightweight who wrote this tripe has ever seen or even heard of “Reds”? I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s never heard of the Russian revolution itself.

      Incidentally, I thought “Far and Away ” was an excellent film, and “The Grey” quite good too (except for the ending.) But apparently, neither had enough explosions or boobs for the “writer.”

  • K.C. Fahel

    “Fargo” – So much wonderful word-of-mouth, multiple Academy Award nominations…and I kept waiting for something funny to happen. Bad accents, bad storyline, long moments of useless conversation…boring.

    “Murder One” – Based on a true story, a story of crime, murder and aftermath, was one dry, lifeless scene after another.

    “Where the Wild Things Are” – Visually stunning, but there was a reason the book didn’t have a lot of words. This one was ALL talking: talking while walking, talking while sitting, talking while standing, talking while piled up one on top of another…while my children and I normally have long attention spans, this one even tested US.

    • Nate Dawg

      Fargo? It’s a crime-drama about a staged kidnapping that goes horribly awry and you were waiting for the big laugh?? About those bad accents; people talk that way in some places, example: Fargo, ND, for instance. It doesn’t take a genius to realize you weren’t paying attention from the jump, and those “long moments of useless conversation” are all vital to a plot that revolves around a murder investigation. This is just like slamming The Departed for not being as scary as you expected with all these people talking like they’re from New England. Yeah I think we’ll go ahead and trust the Coens on this one as far as “bad storyline” and credibility goes.

    • Jonathan

      Hahahaha…Fargo? You might as well start your comment with ‘Ignore me.’ Haha…just stop watching movies. You’re not doing it right.

  • b0t0d ski

    what about Betelgeuse?

  • Lacey W

    half of these films I have never even heard of. Given how correct you were on the other half, I bow to your authority. However, you forgot “Legends of the Fall.” A film that was so over hyped that you thought it was coming out on Video before it was ever released in a theater. I saw it on a Navy base for 75 cents and it is the only film I saw that made me think I was ripped off.

    • Kathleen

      I love Legends of the Fall. It was quite different from the book, however. Now the Great Gatsby was a drag.

  • Shaun

    “Her”. What a pointless waste of time.

    • Kathleen

      Her was a really strange flick.

  • Dennis Zonn

    Didn’t these guys see “The Fountain?’

  • Josh

    I agree with a couple of your choices; however, The Grey, Cold Mountain, Man of Steel, Seabiscuit were very enjoyable to me.

    • tormann

      Tick Tock McGlachlen was Macy at his best

  • Crappy Cartoons

    I am not a fan of “You Got Mail” or of Tom Hanks or Meg Ryan – But if that movie belongs on this list, then every romantic comedy does. Heck I can’t tell what makes it better or worse than sleepless in Seattle.

    If any Meg Ryan movie needs to be on this I would put “When Harry met Sally” — that movie puts me to sleep every time I try to watch it.

    • Derk73

      “You’ve Got Mail” may be a bit stupid and predictable, but it is NOT boring.

  • harry

    you forgot :chariots of fire”, snoozer

    • Ian

      British sporting triumph – I think not.

  • serloren

    Have seen almost none of these. Perhaps you have terrible taste? ;-)

  • Promontorium

    Holy shit, The Grey? Are you fucking daft? Keep watching that “Robin Hodd” dipshit.

    • Patrick Donnelly

      No kidding. Check out Roger Ebert’s review on WIKI.

    • GooglesLawyer

      The Grey was a masterpiece. If someone gets bored watching that, that’s on them. They just have a poor attentions span.

      • Nicolas Caiveau

        The Grey is wonderful !!

    • Spencer Conway

      A complete fucktard wrote this article.

  • mouse

    so glad Seabiscuit is in this list. Two of the 4 main characters in this marvelous story are completely wrong. Toby McGuire-a brooding, dark little man-WRONG! Red Pollard was intelligent, funny, loved to say outrageous things to amuse and enrage everybody, but suffered so much in his life. But the worst was ignoring the outrageous, quirky, competitive personality of that wonderful horse. I love the book by Laura Hillenbrand, and I think it was entirely possible to have captured these characters, which would have made this movie wonderful…… least it’s better than the one with Shirley Temple, but that one was so bad, no big deal to be “better”.

  • schizopolis

    Pretty LAZY list. I understand it’s subjective. But other than Empire, which is more of an experimental documentary, every movie on this list is less than 20 yrs old.

  • marrowbonez

    Gus Van Sant’s borefest trilogy of Gerry, Elephant and Last Days. Also, every Terrence Malick film.

  • john

    Hey, you forgot Prometheus.

  • Kackzie Wackzie

    Disagree on 3: Loved “You’ve Got Mail”. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks have great onscreen chemistry and thought is was an enjoyable romantic comedy: I thoroughly enjoyed Seabiscuit, so much so that I read the book, “Seabiscuit: An American Legend” by Laura Hillenbrand; and I enjoyed Man of Steel (didn’t like this incarnation of Lois Lane, but though Henry Cavill was good. As much as I liked Christopher Reeve, I never appreciated the goofy Clark Kent because, as a Superman comic book fan, Clark Kent was never written to act like an idiot.

    • Sean Lankford

      I do agree with you about “Man of Steel”. I thought they did a great job with it. I also wanted to mention that you criticized the writer for bad spelling, but you should have checked yours before you posted.
      “I thought is was”. Should be “I thought it was”.
      “Henry Cavill did an good job”. Should be “Henry Cavill did a good job”.

  • Shawn

    This list kinda stinks. Public Enemies was pretty good IMO. Prometheus was far more boring (and irritating) than over half of the movies on here if you ask me.

  • ays

    Hodd haha

  • frodawgg

    “The New World”: fell asleep for like a third of it, and still saw about three hours. My mother-in-law, who picked it, actually apologized for it, and my father-in-law, a history buff, was bored to death, too.

    And, I know this is going to be seen as sacrilegious, but the first “Lord of the Rings”. I was actually excited to see it, and then fell asleep within the first half-hour (I can’t even remember the parts I did see!). Tried watching it again on video, and fell asleep again! Needless to say, I haven’t seen any of the others.

    “Pirates of the Caribbean 2″: The first one pleasantly surprised me, so I was disappointed when I couldn’t stay awake for this one.

  • Cody McGowan

    Wow. Props for Man of Steel. I was almost certain Superman Returns, a way better movie (yeah, I said it, wut?) would make an appearance. I don’t exactly agree with this list, but anything that shits on that abomination is pretty dern ok.

  • Film Advocate

    As soon as I saw The Grey on here, I knew this man had horrible taste. And Man of Steel over Superman Returns? Yeah, okay.

    • Bleak5170

      Yeah Man of Steel was a bit of a letdown but Returns was a giant snooze-fest.

    • Miranda Wheeler

      I didn’t even get that far. I stopped after Elizabethtown. I actually re-watched that movie last night, it’s a great movie.

      • Dyan York

        Me too!Unsure of who picked these but there’s a few I don’t agree ~

      • Jakob

        Me too. Elizabethtown is one of my favourite movies.

    • Nick Johnson

      Completely agree. The grey’s ending was one of the most bad ass endings ever

      • Film Advocate

        Exactly. The Grey is a freaking spectacular movie.

      • eddie

        yup. Writer obviously missed the point of the movie. It wasn’t simply an action-fest of Liam versus wolves.

    • Tim

      I have to agree about The Grey. Liam plays basically the same role he plays in almost every movie nowadays (the wise older fellow that knows something about everything and has “skills”). Throughout the movie everybody dies, so at the end I really don’t care about anybody living. I pretty much expected the ending half way through the movie, which made watching it extremely boring.

  • Annie Gervais

    Some of these movies are a real snooze-fest but I’m going to say that not everyone has the same taste or in some cases IQ level to appreciate other movies that ‘talk.’

  • dougie

    you’re an idiot. there are maybe 2 in this list i agree with

  • Sidadressage

    Sorry to piss of anyone who thinks differently, but I just saw Monument Men and my G*d what a freeaking bore! Along with Transcendence, with Johnny Depp both of these movies can not only put me to sleep they will have to get amphetamines to get be back awake again!

    • Mike

      haha i loved monument’s men… one of my favorite movies, but then again i’m not looking for a thriller in a historical movie that’s based on a true story….

      Transcendence was created so that people might actually think about how our society is relying more and more on technology for fixes and what it will most likely lead to. Great movie if you look at the meaning behind it, but yes it can be seen as boring.

  • FJ

    This website is garbage.

  • cristina willigs

    public enemy was good

  • demis gionis

    Man of Steel,You have got mail,Grey,for sure was not boring movies.You just have not taste,man.

  • Matthew BR Sims

    I would nominate Noah, another bland, dry and painfully dull Russell Crowe film that takes itself too seriously, and made no sense to religious believers and atheists alike. It had next to nothing to do with the source material either.

    • Coleton S. Santana

      Well the source material’s a few pages long, so unless it was a short-film they had to improvise. books in the bible though might make good story, they are not exactly novel or screenplay length

      • Matthew BR Sims

        Fair enough, but there have been biblical adaptations that have stretched the source material to film length, and even improvised, while keeping true to the story, Prince of Egypt for example. I see your point with the Noah story though.

  • acgogo

    Cold Mountain is truly one of the best books about the Civil War and its effect on regular people who barely understood what was happening to their lives and why. If they had filmed the book and kept the book’s ending in place and used non-celebrity actors, it might have made a nice small movie. The character actors in smaller roles are good. It was filmed in Romania of all places because the filmakers claimed they could not find a good location in the US.

  • acgogo

    A piece of trash from begining to end.

  • JTGleason

    Another one of these “Movies of all Time” lists where the writer couldn’t see his first R-Rated movie til 2000. There are snore’s galore in the history of movies (Yes, even as far back as 1990), many of which won top awards, but the author chooses only the DVD rentals he has seen in the last ten years, and passes himself off as some type of film historian.

    Some of these movies aren’t all as bad as the many clunkers out there that you haven’t watched. It was that you were drunk when you rented them, and then got angry because these flicks didn’t show any tits.

  • Pxlfrk

    Misspellings, bad grammar and poor choices. And I don’t get it; why does it say we may have already suffered through number four? Cold Mountain? was it any more popular than the other choices?

  • TheMachine

    Same bullshit complaints about the same movies EVERYONE mentions. The author of this list obviously has no taste in movies what so ever. If he things THESE films are bad, or “boring” I want to see what his top 10 top 20 greatest movies of all time are. 50$ says fucking pulp fiction is on there. Jesus. I feel some people don’t deserve to watch movies at all.

  • kawamase

    The most retarded list i have ever seen.

  • Bindi721

    I think that “The English Patient” and “The Thin Red Line” were two of the longest, most boring movies I have ever seen although I did stay to the end in both of them. However, I walked out of “Hannah and her Sisters”, although brilliant I am told, Woody Allen isn’t a director for me.

  • sjplwc

    Wrong about Seabiscuit, which was a very entertaining film. Robin Hood could have been very good, lots of potential — but, alas, one solid action scene short of what it needed, and final set piece battle fell flat, I admit. Man of Steel was a solid film — and I don’t even much like Superman. Public Enemies? I wouldn’t say boring — enjoyable but forgettable, yes.

  • oplease19

    2001: A Space Odyssey was easily the most boring movie I ever saw.
    I had the good sense not to see 11 of the 12 movies on the list. I did see Robin Hood, and thought it was pretty good.

    • Mike

      Public Enemies is great! also The Grey is good if you’re into survival type movies

    • Lacey W

      Just proving that the term “boring” is subjective. Though in this case you are right on both accounts.

    • Derk73

      I always describe 2001 as “the most brilliant movie you will ever fall asleep to.” It’s a great movie, but the pacing is (intentionally) slower than death.

  • Chris Nelmes

    Meet Joe Black.Three hours of talking and Brad Pitt eating peanut butter.They talk.They talk about talking.Never been so happy to see the end credits start.

  • Telsa

    As soon I saw Man of Steel I comment just for say…this list is BULLSHIT and leave, I know that they gonna put films ahead that don’t deserve to be in this list.

    • Mike

      lol yeah… if he’s going to put Man of Steel on here then he had to have put almost all the old superman films… this columnist is complete trash… i think he does it on purpose

  • Get Fuzzy

    How are these films chosen? Do you pull the names out of a hat or what? And please stop saying “of all time” when the list only goes back to when you were in 7th grade.

  • Zak Chowdhury

    This article is clearly written by someone with no understanding of movies! The Grey is an awesome Thriller/Drama and Man of Steel had it’s flaws, but it’s hardly boring, especially compared to Superman Returns. Hang your head in shame sir, terrible list!

  • Word

    you spelled Hood* wrong in Robin Hood, and I cant believe i flipped threw this terrible article to find that

    • K.C. Fahel

      That’s OK. You misspelled “through”.

  • Roxanne Wooldridge

    Agree on all EXCEPT COLD MOUNTAIN. Love that movie. The two leads were not the ones to watch, though, Brendan Gleeson and Ray Winstone stole this movie out from under Kidman and Law.

  • Ben

    I completely agree with The Good Shepard but would also like to throw my hat into the ring with Door in the Floor, Solaris, Lost in Translation (yeah, I know everyone loves it) and The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. I was unlucky enough to see that one in the theaters.

  • Mike

    lol The Grey? Robin Hood? and Public Enemies? are you serious on most boring movies… um what about Solaris? you have a plane crash with wolves stalking men, a medieval movie with several battles, and the inner early gang circle with elite cops stalking them but you dont have a sci fi movie that takes place in 2 rooms lol. your entire lists are bullshit and garbage to be honest, and i guarantee i could come up with better lists than whoever your writers are…

  • Sidadressage

    I Understand your comment, however my disagreement comes with the PACE of Monument men. For me, it was simply badly paced. Other historical dramas, such as more currently the Killing Fields, Or Born On The Fourth Of July, which were both taken from actual events, had a much faster pacing and, again for me was a much better movies. I Love action for action, historical drama for historical drama and science fiction for science fiction. I Don’t usually mix up my genres and don’t make a comment on anything unless it simply doesn’t fit the bill, for me!!!

  • K.C. Fahel

    I usually have a high tolerance for “talky” movies, but “Where the Wild Things Are” was, while visually stunning, far TOO talky. I couldn’t even recommend it to my children, who have long attention spans.

  • Anirudh Menon

    man of steel sucked ass, i agree but the grey? that film was a friggin gem.

  • Nuno Cardoso

    public enemies boring? x) no taste

  • VicioousAlienKlown

    Robin Hood was the most disappointing in this list since I expected all the other movies to be a snoozefest. Ridley Scott hasn’t made a great movie for some time now.

  • Susan Caston

    Hey, I Got Mail was one of my favorite romantic comedies.

  • Shane Michael

    Some of these were debatable, so I was going to give you the benefit of a doubt. Until you said Seabiscuit. SMH. Ultimate fail. The problem with many of the young kids today are their A.D.D. (attention deficit disorder) they have acquired from watching MTV and 5 second clips. I don’t fault you for it. My generation made you like this and it is why you guys (and girls) can’t sit through a deep, story filled movie that gradually works up to the end. If something isn’t exploding or making a joke every 5 seconds…it becomes boring. Not all movies are comedies and action. Those are candy movies…not the movies that will be remembered through time.

  • George Tarantino

    This list sucks!! MAN OF STEEL AND THE GREY?!?! REALLY!?!?!

  • Rob O’Brien

    Judging by when these movies came out, the reviewer must be extremely young if these are the most boring movies. Let’s hear from some old farts!

  • Slappy McNugget

    The most boring movie ever made was “Lost in Translation”. Fact.

    • utecougar

      Not if you’ve lived in Japan and can speak Japanese. I loved it, but I can see how others might not.

  • DNAsplitter

    This really was just a time waster spent reading about a list of “boring films” by a critic that is probably 13 years old. Cold Mountain, MOS, The Grey and Public Enemies are all great films that were never once boring. I wish I had my 4 min back from the time I wasted on this stupid shit!

  • Margaret Flint

    Disagree…I found “You’ve got Mail” to be absolutely charming and still enjoy watching it.

  • Malificent

    Just throwing in my two cents here, but I think Gattaca should be near the top of this list. Worst waste of two hours of my life EVER!!

  • Bubbawubba Gump

    You could add “the great Gatsby”, it doesn’t matter which one.

  • David Len Allen

    Ron Howard claims “Far and Away” was about his great grand parents (or double great) so it was historical, more or less. So that’s where Little Ronny got his red hair!

  • Nicolas Caiveau

    WTF ?? I liked almost every movie on this list O__o

    You put Man of Steel, seriously ? You thought Superman Returns was better ?

    THE GREY, how dared you ??

    • TheManBehindTheMask

      Agree! Although the Good Shepard really was one of the most boring movie I ever saw in theater.


    Man of Steel? Really? *rolls eyes*

  • Michael Rodriguez

    There’s an agenda here. Look closely.

  • rise8604

    Need to include 300 in this list

  • Steven Benjamin

    Sorry to say but this is a stupid list – I can a agree with a few of them being dull, but even i (who is not a fan of the film) would not call Man of Steel Boring. Off the top of my head; What about Richard Linklater films – Before Sunrise/Sunset… there’s a movie called ‘A tale of ordinary madness’(with Ben Gazzara), The Bling Ring, Happily Never After, 27 Dresses(also just plain bad), Atonement, Somebody mentioned ‘Eat, pray, Love’, Australia, Oz The Great and Powerful, Steel Magnolias, Nights in Rodanthe, The Great Gatsby, Meet Joe Black, The Tourist, Eyes Wide Shut, The Royal Tenenbaums (I know I’m not the only one, but I fell asleep in the 1st 30 mins – I like Wes Anderson films generally though), A few Woody Allen movies – can’t remember their names…
    of course it is subjective and does rely on movie tastes, but even if i don’t enjoy a movie or if its just plain bad, I’m not going to go out and call it one of the most boring movies “OF ALL TIME”…

  • Philip Mhundwa

    I read this hoping I would find one movie I thought was ok, but must agree they were all crap. Although I do agree with @filmadvocate:disqus Superman Returns was was crappier.

  • Matt Andelson

    Dont understand Man of Steel, it was a lot of things but boring wasn’t one of them, ffs it is mostly action. Could have used some better pacing but boring, wtf?

  • Guy Post

    I call B.S. on “Robin Hood!!!”

    Robin Hood was a great movie!!!

    • dane

      (Sarcasm): What, he didn’t say Robin HOOD, he said Robin Hodd! Totally different movie!

  • saneiac

    The story behind Robin Hood is far more interesting than the movie was. It was supposed to be a retelling from the Sheriff of Nottingham’s perspective, in which he isn’t really a villain, but a guy trying to solve a murder (all signs point to Robin Hood) and keep the peace. The screenwriters did a lot of research on detective techniques of that time period, and worked it into the story. Then Ridley Scott and Russell Crowe came on board, and used their creative control to change the whole thing into the same story everyone had already seen before.

  • FAb

    I thought Cold Mountain was a fine movie to watch. Not boring at all. I also liked Public Enemies.

  • Kathleen Karp

    You forgot Out Of Africa! The MOST boring movie I have ever seen in my 63 yrs.! Some of your picks weren’t really that boring but this movie truly was.

  • Drew Douglas

    The Grey? Really? That movie isn’t about the action or the wolves. If you missed that -well…

  • Ron69

    What about Noah? I fell asleep 3 times
    Disagree with Robin Hood just didnt have to be that long.
    The man of Steel and Grey really? I could mention about 50 more boring

  • Trash Talk Films

    The Grey is under most boring movies EVER made? Pfff, I’d hate to see what movies were the GREATEST by this guy…

  • TK

    Yeah, Elizabethtown was boring, but it was so sweet watching Orlando Bloom…blooming. :-)

  • Kenny_Bania

    You need to add ‘Dances with Wolves’ and ‘Unforgiven’ to the list

  • Phillip Allen

    Terrible list …. Man of Steel was very good, Cold Mountain was a very good movie, Seabiscuit was good … why didn’t you just call the list “The 12 movies that you really didn’t like”

  • Simon Coates

    This article was written by someone with all of their tastes in their arse, zero tolerance for any film remotely intellectual or ambitious, which don’t feature explosions, farting puppets and ninjas jumping backwards into trees, and ironically was the most boring piece of shit I’ve read in ages.

  • Guest

    Robin Hodd? Okay spell check before you write an article. I’m guilty of this too but at least get your TITLE right. Plus I disagree with ‘Grey’ and ‘Man of Steel’. ‘Man of Steel’ was pretty poor. I wouldn’t call it boring well it kinda is, but all time? Seems much. Boring is subjective but there are also art films with close-ups of doors for 3 hours and such, but then again I think a film like ‘Tree of Life’ is pretty damn boring. Ever see “The American” with George Clooney? Slow as all hell. This doesn’t seem like a comprehensive list. Also spell your titles correctly.

  • Daniel Krone

    Boring is pretty subjective. This list is hardly comprehensive. I find a lot of art films like “Tree of Life” boring but check out “The American” with George Clooney…let me know how you find that. Especially if you were bored by “The Grey”. It’s totally a subjective list. I guess all best/worst or whatever *type lists are. But this one doesn’t even have a set criteria at all it seems other than just your personal opinion. Also Robin Hodd?

  • whyme4

    I’m 75 years old, and the only movie I’ve ever walked out on and I’ve seen some real duds, was “2001 A Space Oddesy. Yes I know it”s considered by many to be a great film, but I hated it.

  • jodya

    This list reflects your taste not mine. They are all also rather recent. What exactly made you decide to put this list together when your experience in movies is very limited to a very small time frame?

  • John Leite

    never been able to stay awake through an entire Kevin Costner movie, ANY of them.
    And even though I am a Sci FI fan never been able to finish watching 2001 A Space Odysey, tried watching it twice and by the halfway point, both times I was fast asleep, fantastic cure for insomnia though

  • David

    Noah was terrible but two of the worst and slowest films that I can recall would have to be Portrait of a Lady (with Nicole Kidman) and the horrendous Talented Mr Ripley (Matt Damon and Jude Law)…

    • DACH

      The Talented Mr. Ripley is one of my favorites. I’ve watched it countless times. Love the scenery, the soundtrack, the acting. Was amazed how they were able to have me wanting Ripley to get away with it all, even though he was a pretty bad guy. All the tricks and lies build up to an unbearable tension, and the ending is just haunting. I think it’s a masterwork.

      I guess to each their own!

  • peter haley

    any movie list of top boring recent films that leaves out “the American” with George Clooney is incomplete. A truly boring film most of it spent with him sitting in cafes or in his hotel room being boring, the plot is beyond ridiculous the action(?!) almost inert and the acting so-so at best

  • peter haley

    oh yeah, forgot to add “Public Enemies” was a great movie, with great Johnny Depp and strong plot, strong acting — how in the world this could be called boring is way beyond me

  • utecougar

    Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. Gosford Park. The New World. All beautifully filmed and with brilliant casts, but the writing and directing SUCKED. Boring, boring, boring.

  • Shelton Stogner

    And this ranks right up there with one of the ten most boring articles.

  • lduch

    I liked You’ve got Mail, and The Grey and Seabiscuit, and Cold Mountain, and Public Enemies…

  • Cyclops

    Ah, yes, Robin Hodd and The Good Shepard. Is the writer of this piece dyslexic?

  • Alan Walden

    You have to be “of an age” to remember three that should be on the list. Green Dolphin Street, Raintree County and, (dare I say it?) Citizen Kane.

  • ihbarddx

    What? What happened to _The Hours_?!

  • lilibetp

    Try watching the director’s cut of Robin Hood. It’s a lot more interesting, even though it makes the movie 15 minutes longer. Of course, I don’t find the regular version boring, so maybe it’s just me…

  • Sean Golden

    You left off the list The Piano,Gosfford Park,Gravity,The king and I (foster’s version),At Days End.Whats bad is there are a lot more that should be on this list.Most of them were made in England during the 90′S

  • Lovenia Johnson

    Since I’ve never wasted time watching any of these maybe folks should wait for the morons who have to be first to express the real reviews like I do.Hint:Paid ads are lies,not real comments on a movie.

  • Lovenia Johnson

    How do you miss the most boring movie of all????
    As the critics said “When you take a reasonably attractive woman,let her strut around nekkid for 2 hours & nobody will watch it you know it’s a sorry movie”
    Striptease sucks so bad it must be already forgotten about.

  • joshua

    far and away,man of steel boring? i guess he only likes michael bay movies

  • MegaSolipsist

    2001: A Space Odyssey was the most mind-numbingly boring film I’ve ever seen. I cannot see how it ever became a classic.

  • Sven Devestele

    There will be blood was boring as fuck.

  • Steve Rincon

    Why is everyone ragging on Man of Steel? What, too comic book for you? Oh wait, that’s that where Superman comes from…a comic book. LOL!

    • Guest

      “Man of Steel” has MANY problems, but slow pacing is NOT one of them. It’s cram packed with action.

      • DACH

        Action CAN get boring. During that final, long fight, I was just looking at my watch. End, already.

  • Alan Lemery

    Don’t forget, Two-Lane Blacktop!!!

  • Hugo Patrick Pires

    “Robin Hodd”? This article must be for laughs, seriously…

    • K.C. Fahel

      “…for laughs, seriously…” I saw what you did there. LOL

  • Max Conoley

    The Dark Knight Rises.

  • Darklarik

    This guy is a dumbass

  • along

    Agreed with the exception of Far and Away

  • Kathleen

    “Noah” was horrible. I don’t remember any giant rock creatures building the ark being mentioned in the bible, lol.

    • Mark Gore

      The Bible was curiously scant on details, so of course liberties must be taken to turn something like that into a 2-hour film. The Bible is fiction too, by the way.

  • Paul

    You sir are on crack. This movie was great.I can’t argue with what you had up until this point but this makes me stop reading the rest of your article.

  • Skulb

    I have tried watching Robin Hood on DVD four times and have always fallen asleep after less than an hour, so at least this article got that one right. To me it is almost as dull as Gettysburg, which is the dullest movie I can think of off the top of my head.

    PS: Also, to the people commenting here who think Elisabethown is a “good movie” and “not boring”, I have a question: Do people randomly fall asleep around you when you enter rooms, or whenever you talk?

  • rookgaroo

    I think a more accurate title would be “Twelve Movies the Author of This Article Didn’t Like”.

  • Luciusleftfoot

    I really liked Robin Hodd

  • Don E

    I’ve noticed I can never find the writer’s name to these “lists”. This is the last one I’ll ever read. No more “clicks” from me.

  • conradshull

    I’ve only walked out in the middle of two movies at the theatre, “Che” with Omar Sharif and Jack Palance (gave me a splitting headache), and “Platoon”, a sophomoric piece of anti-war drivel as predictable, and formulaic as any of the worst Gung Ho type of WWII movies that came out in the fifties.

    • Mark Gore

      LOLOLOLOL. Conservative tard. How’s it feel to know that conservatives have demonstrably lower intelligence (whether judged by IQ, education levels, etc) than their counterparts, according to MULTIPLE disparate studies?

  • Mary Kirk

    Wow. Just wow. I disagree with more than half of these and haven’t seen the other half so I guess I should make a point to watch them.

  • Saros7

    Guardians of the Galaxy

    This pompous RomCom was touted as the beginning of the so called “phase 2″ of the “Marvel Cinematic Universe”

    What the audience gets is an explosive festival riddled with dry-toilet humor, muddled with AppStore music product placements, and of course introducing the new batch of children to “the cassette”. No one cares as to why the movie is so explosive and humorless, just that they care Marvel is making more movies and that they are placing more actors for them to worship.

    Thanks Holly–I mean Marvel, and may the audience forever bow down in your favor.

  • Barbara Goode

    These are, of course, one person’s opinion. I personally loved Seabiscuit, and “the never worse Renee Zellweger” won an Oscar for that role. I think whoever put this list together had nothing to do on a Saturday night and picked movie titles out of a hat.

  • Laura

    Seabiscuit? FAR from boring, horribly horribly historically innacurate to those of us who know about horse racing and its history but it was a good movie!

  • Sean O’Brien

    “Robin Hodd”? Seriously? Do you even bother to do a cursory copy edit of what you post? Even Spell check would have caught this one.

  • Terry Valentine

    This is why I don’t listen to critics…several of these were SO not boring…Public Enemies…Robin Hood (“Hodd”?)…You’ve Got Mail…Sorry they weren’t fast-paced/shoot-em-up enough for ya…Heaven forbid that films would focus on relationships, which rely on (gasp) actual dialogue. And learn how to spell. Sheesh.

  • Craig Glatt

    this isnt a good list sorry. while some are pretty boring, there is some epic’ness in there. but whatever. it’s all opinion based anyway

  • K.C. Fahel

    It’s all opinion. My personal top most boring movies include (as previously mentioned) “Fargo”, “Doctor Zhivago”, “THX-1138″, “Murder One”, “2001″, “2012″, “The Day After Tomorrow”, the remake of “Fame”, and “Where the Wild Things Are”.

  • David Thomas Geyer

    Useless website.
    Waste of domain name registration.

    • Mark Gore

      Nice rebuttal. Oh, wait… OWNED.

  • Kyra Zandberg

    When I think of the most boring movie I’ve ever seen, L’Avventura immediately springs to mind.

  • SozerKeyse

    This list is absolutely ridiculous. Not only are most of the movies recent, leaving out some huge clunkers from the 70′s and 80′s, but a lot of them are rather watchable. Yeah, Far and Away is not the best movie in the world, but it’s strangely hard to stop watching. Man of Steel sucked but I’d go so far to say that Transformers 2 and 3 were far more boring despite all the explosions.

  • David Fullam

    Try making it through Chariots of Fire.

  • geddy

    The Grey is…boring??? WHHHHAAAAATT? Far from being boring, this was a very well crafted film. And the ending – it absolutely rocks. I love this movie.


    I liked cold mountain and the grey . Even far and away isn’t too bad . I get fed up being LURED into these film lists and wondering what films must make the list. Only to find that it’s a TOTAL DICKHEAD who wrote the list.

  • Nico

    This list isn’t complete without “The Reader”. Piriod. Piriod.

    • K.C. Fahel

      “The Reader” was fantastic; I’ve seen it 5 or 6 times. Also, it’s spelled “period”. Period.

      • Nico

        That’s ok, honest mistake. Not my natural language, but I know how to spell it. Having said that, congratulations for your patience. 5 or 6 times. Wow.

    • Guest

      How does one spell “period” wrong…twice?

      • Nico

        Porque no creí que fuese necesario aclararlo, pero soy argentino. El español castellano es mi idioma natural. Cuando lo escribí, me gobernaba cierta vehemencia, y se me pasó por alto esa famosa “e”. Pero sé perfectamente la diferencia, y la correcta manera de escribirlo.

        Aceptá mis disculpas, no quise parecer irrespetuoso con tu idioma.

        • Alric the Red

          Well, that explains it, then.

  • Melissa Kelly

    Well, i guess everyone has their own opinion and that’s fine. Not everyone has to agree with one another :) I didn’t care much for the Grey but i loved Robin Hood and Man of steel.

  • Stella Mae

    This is such a terrible list. I agree with a few choices but most don’t deserve to be on this list at all.

  • Guest

    I have tried to watch Public Enemies on three separate occasions, turning it offer around the 30 minute mark each time. Snooze.

  • Dario De Leonardis

    c’mon man, this is a trolling column, ins’t it?

  • TheCurzonian

    Once again I am reminded of why it’s pretty pointless for me to read articles stating other people’s opinions about movies. I liked about half the movies in this guy’s list. He must have ADHD or something.

    • Alric the Red

      I keep falling for these stupid lists. None of them are ever any good, and they’re almost always written by some second-rate writer who’s instructions from his editor was to produce some sort of click bait.

  • psaichofreak

    ok so this guy really has no idea about what hes talking about. Superman is a silly man that wears underpants on the outside? really dude? Theres a lot more to superman than that. Im not saying that MOS was the best movie ever or anything. But there have been a lot more boring movies made than that. I also have to say that Public Enemies wasnt a bad movie either. You just have terrible taste when it comes to movies.

    • Dsuspect

      i think he is the psycho freak XD i love superman so much even though my favorite is the amazing spiderman and iron man

  • Dean Fang

    Robin Hood is spelled incorrectly (Hodd). Also, War Horse should top the list. The most boring movie I have ever seen. I couldn’t finish it. The only other movie I EVER stopped watching was Waterworld. And that movie wasn’t boring.

  • Cantankerouspinner45

    I’m sure Grace of Monaco or Diana could go on here.

  • Dixon Ermouth

    The fact that Hope Floats wasn’t on here shows the author doesn’t have a clue. That movie was the most insipid waste of time I have ever seen.

  • Hanslh

    The biggest coward in opinion stating. A list of well known movies that are completely boring should of course include tree of life but u dont dare because you are afraid u are missing it’s point (of which there is none to speak of)

  • VirgilHawkins

    MAN OF STEEL? Under most boring movies ever? He must have been kidnapped right before Zod and Faora decide to kick Supermans ass all over Smallville

  • Erik Baran

    Robin Hodd?? Musta missed that release. You realy nede two editor your fire.

  • Michael Link

    The Grey boring? Not likely…

  • mikelh913

    Agreed. Kevin Costner can’t save his own movies, let alone Superman. Oh yeah, great call w/Public Enemies!!! Overall a solid list

  • Bill Eastwick

    You left out The American. That was far, far, far worse than Superman, Robin Hood, or The Good Shepherd. The American was 1 minute of action with 2 hours of a guy talking to a priest and walking around some small Italian town. How in the living fuck was that movie not on this list?????

  • Apfel Lyrik

    I loved Cold Mountain

  • jepressman

    The list of the 12 most boring movies is inaccurate. Most of those films were well made, and well acted and don’t deserve this sort of foolishness aimed at them. The person and or persons responsible for trying to marginalize these films reputations should rethink their career choice. Perhaps a different career path?

  • Jack Madison

    Easy to tell the age of this author. “You’ve Got Mail” is about the dawn of meeting on the internet more than anything else…which, if you lived through as a true grown up (think late 20′s and above) was a big deal.
    I remember meeting people from the internet 18 years ago and being made fun of by the current college crowd of the time….who are what, 38/40 now? lol…. How things have changed.
    We used to meet in chat rooms at first and go from there….we in our late 20′s & 30′s thought it was a killer/modern way to talk to people. We were told we were pathetic even in magazine articles, television shows and what not.
    I always thought it was cool I could view someone’s (real) profile, chat a bit online, then on the phone (remember having to get offline so you could call one another?)… and then meet for coffee.
    But I digress.
    I like”You’ve Got Mail.”

    • Alric the Red

      Hey, I’m with you on this. Yes, I remember it vividly. I still think it’s pretty much going on, online, one way or the other. Online video games is a great way to meet people, and have discussions with them, in real time, without all that typing.

  • Steve E

    I was already assuming that the author is illiterate when he was complaining about dialogue, but I didn’t confirm it until I got to “Robin Hodd”.

  • Dan Borwick

    I thought Cold Mountain was pretty good!

  • Alric the Red

    I saw nearly ever film on that list — I think there were three I didn’t see — and not a single one of them did I find boring. In fact, two of them became immediate favorites.

    Someone should write an article, The Most Stupid Articles Ever Written for Internet Click Bait, and we can start with this article, right here.

    Then we can have a follow up article: The Biggest Internet Hacks Ever. Again, we can start with the writer of this article.

  • Neu

    Man of Steel was nothing if not extremely entertaining. Despite how silly you think he is, nobody in-universe thinks so, so why would they act like it? It’s like you expected a comedy, or a parody. Fuck off.

  • Roger Dobrick

    A supposedly classic French “new wave” flick, “Last Year at Marinbad”, belongs on the list.

  • April

    I agree with all these except Far and Away and Elizabethtown. These were two really great movies.

  • AnnoDomini

    Man of Steel’s on the list….yah, this opinion is worthless.

  • J M

    I thought watchmen was a snooze fest

  • Bayrider

    Funny but I can think of way more boring movies than these and
    Seabiscuit is one of my favorites. The story actually follows the actual story line well, it didn’t add tit’s, explosions, shoot outs and car chases. It was a story about lost souls who got a second chance, including Seabiscuit. Oh, when you look at it that way the story is incredible. What a J@Ck@ss.

  • Iam_Spartacus

    The Talented Mr Ripley, I couldn’t stay awake during it no matter how hard I tried.

  • JusticeB

    Public Enemies was not boring to me. I saw it twice.

  • Matison Mansfield

    how could Donnie Darko not be on this list of suckfests?!!!

  • albatrosdante

    Man of Steel was a freaking awesome spectacle,and yes, by the time I saw The Grey on the list, ok I’m wasting my time here with this idiot’s article. The Grey’s ending is the best part of the movie!

  • nnnhcq

    The American. Enough said.

  • crowgang fernandes

    man.this man who wrote this is a idiot

  • Je Ar D Bagus

    Man of Steel? Sorry but I’ll just stop reading. Next list.

  • britain

    What kind of moron would put Cold Mountain on this list!?? Are you freaking serious…

  • Martin Rovira

    this is the worst movie website ever

  • Markus Hay

    We’ll soon be seeing the writer of this article on a Top 10 Fastest Ways to Lose All Credibility list.

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