The 12 Most Boring Movies Ever Made

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Photo credit: Andy Warhol

Photo credit: Andy Warhol

Sometimes, movies just don’t turn out right. Occasionally, you hit the jackpot and wind up with a movie that’s so bad it’s good-the writing so hilariously melodramatic, the acting so laboured, the story so weak that the film itself becomes a masterpiece as everything that’s wrong with cinema. Most of the time, though , you simply wind up with a dud. But how do you know the difference? Well, we’ve put together a list of twelve movies that are so sensationally dull that you should never bother giving them a shot. You’re welcome. Although you may already have suffered through number four…

12. Empire

Many of you may well have heard of Andy Warhol; the surrealist pop-art master who did a lot of crazy stuff in his spare time. Even his private life was interesting-which is what makes this, the devastatingly boring Empire, such a shock. Yes, we know that the Empire State Building is a marvel of modern technology, and we don’t really need to see it explained to us through various interminable arty shots over the course of what seems like eight days. It’s just one damn shot, sustained for hours. Thrilling.

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  • JKW

    don’t forget about that mammoth turd “The Paper” with Micheal Keaton or the even bigger turd “Punchline” with Sally Fields and Tom Hanks….star power yes! Good movies? NO

    • leelee

      “Mammoth turd” LOL

  • morgan ruble

    robin hodd or robin hood??

  • Mind Bird

    “Eat, Pray, Love”—excellent for sleeping.

  • leelee

    Reds. The only movie I ever walked out of. It was like watching someone’s powerpoint presentation about the event. Also, and I’m sure nobody agrees with me… When Harry Met Sally. People talking. Then they are talking in a car. On a bus. In a restaurant. Jeezzzzz. BORING

  • K.C. Fahel

    “Fargo” – So much wonderful word-of-mouth, multiple Academy Award nominations…and I kept waiting for something funny to happen. Bad accents, bad storyline, long moments of useless conversation…boring.

    “Murder One” – Based on a true story, a story of crime, murder and aftermath, was one dry, lifeless scene after another.

    “Where the Wild Things Are” – Visually stunning, but there was a reason the book didn’t have a lot of words. This one was ALL talking: talking while walking, talking while sitting, talking while standing, talking while piled up one on top of another…while my children and I normally have long attention spans, this one even tested US.

    • Nate Dawg

      Fargo? It’s a crime-drama about a staged kidnapping that goes horribly awry and you were waiting for the big laugh?? About those bad accents; people talk that way in some places, example: Fargo, ND, for instance. It doesn’t take a genius to realize you weren’t paying attention from the jump, and those “long moments of useless conversation” are all vital to a plot that revolves around a murder investigation. This is just like slamming The Departed for not being as scary as you expected with all these people talking like they’re from New England. Yeah I think we’ll go ahead and trust the Coens on this one as far as “bad storyline” and credibility goes.

  • b0t0d ski

    what about Betelgeuse?

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