10 Performances the Critics Missed

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Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox

Photo credit: Twentieth Century Fox

So, not every actor is going to put in an amazing performance very time. That’s just a given. And when they don’t put in an amazing performance, more often than not, that’s the one that’ll be remembered and thrown back in their faces till the end of time. How frustrating must it be, then, to put in an amazing performance and find it forgotten? Below, we’ve compiled a list of brilliant performances that went completely unnoticed by…almost everyone really. Hopefully you’ll be able to rectify this by dusting them off and appreciating their brilliance once more-particularly number four!

1. Tom Hanks- Cast Away

Hey, does anyone remember Cast Away? It was that tiny little Tom Hanks number that everyone seemed to like well enough on it’s release, but soon forget about as soon as it left cinemas. Have you ever seen anyone with a Cast Away DVD? Exactly. But that’s not down to Tom Hanks performance-in fact, he puts in one of the strongest suits of his career- unable to rely on supporting actors (well, except that football with a face on it, but you catch my drift), he pushes through to carry the ambitious film by himself. People had started going off Tom Hanks at this point for some reason, but I’ll never quite figure out why-this performance alone proves he was still worthy.

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