10 Stupid Mistakes You’ve Never Spotted

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Photo credit: moviemistakes

Photo credit: moviemistakes

Making a movie is difficult. That goes without saying, right? And what’s a little slip once in a while- a little lapse of judgement, or lack of set dressing, or anachronistic costume, between friends? Well, movie mistakes are big business (it’s one of the reasons a continuity director is kept to hang around film sets and make sure everything looks consistent from one shot to the next), and many hard-core fans spend a lot of time picking up their favourite gaffs by their favourite filmmakers. Never spotted one before? Our Beginners Guide to Movie Mistakes will turn you into a pro in no time. You won’t believe you missed number three!

11. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Entirely Visible Crew Member

Now, a slightly less forgivable misdeed. In the rollicking family classic Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl, Johnny Depp does a lot of strutting about on set and ordering people to do things. In one of these instances, he demands his crew to man the deck- only, if you take a good, hard look over his shoulder in the corner of the frame, you can very clearly see a member of a different crew. Yes, someone from off-set has wandered on screen- you can tell from the anachronistic cowboy hat and short-sleeved white t-shirt. Sometimes, and especially in period pieces like this which require a large cast and specific costumes, it can be difficult to go back and reshoot scenes when required. But this does seem more like someone wandered on set and nobody noticed.

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