Top 10 Films You Love to Hate

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Photo credit: Columbia Pictures Corporation

Photo credit: Columbia Pictures Corporation

So, everyone knows well that sometimes filmmakers just don’t get things right. An actor can be miscast, the script can come up short, or the story can just plain well not work. Any number of factors can effect how good the film actually turns out to be. But what about those mystical few films that turn out to be masterpieces of terribleness? The films that are so unknowingly awful that they’re actually entertaining? What about the films that are so bad they’re…good? Read on for a list of truly terrible movies, and promise me you’ll give umber 3 a try for posterity’s sake.

1. Jack and Jill

Now, I don’t think anyone is convinced of Adam Sandler’s prowess as a serious actor. In fact, I’d be shocked if that was ever in question. But here, with Sandler playing both Jack AND Jill (identical twin siblings), which gave him an excuse to try and rip off Big Momma’s House, he really reached a pretty low low. Not really worth noting, until you mention that Al Pacino co-starred in the movie as the man trying to woo the gorgeous Jill. How the might have fallen.

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