10 Totally Odd Films

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Photo credit: Embassy International Pictures

Photo credit: Embassy International Pictures

Certain films just stay with you. Whether you like it or not, if you see something disturbing, or strange, or just plain crazy, it has a habit of lodging itself squarely in your head for the rest of your life. But yet, we continually seek out upsetting or mind-bending movies that leaves us going “whaaaa…?”. We’re constantly attracted to them for a variety of personal reasons-to test our limits, to push our boundaries, and to find out just how damn weird cinema can be. And what if you’re one such thrillseeker? Well, we’ve compiled a list of ten movies that you’ll come away from with a distinct sense of “Huh?”. If that’s your thing, read on-and bonus points to everyone who spots the directorial double-up on the list!

1. Brazil

Terry Gilliam has always been known for making strange, genre-bending movies, and it’s in Brazil that he did it best. Blending sci-fi with history, with politics with fantasy, this is a strange world that could be the past or the future depending on how optimistic you are. Following office worker Sam Lowrey (played by the sensational Johnathan Pryce) as he dreams of escaping the boring bureaucracy of his day-to-day life, the film makes so many twists and turns you’ll be left reeling at the end. Darkly comic, sad and strangely uplifting, you’ll find yourself giving this one another watch.

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