10 TV and Movie Trailers You Have To See

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Photo credit: Warner Bros

Photo credit: Warner Bros

Here is something to wet you pop culture appetite. The top ten TV and Movie trailers that you must see. Watch them and start planning your future viewing full of death destruction and Iception style WAHHHHs.

1. Godzilla

You hear that? Bryan Cranston knows you’re lying. What’s that? A Hurricane, and earthquake? No, it’s everyone’s favorite kaiju: Godzilla. If this trailer doesn’t get you pumped then go and watch Downtown Abbey. It has everything: rockets, explosions, planes and solders falling from the sky, dramatic running away, and a very violated Statue of Liberty. If this trailer is anything to go by then Noah Emmerich’s remake (along with the “SIZE DOES MATTER” tagline) will be a distant memory. Godzilla is out now, beware.

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