10 Horror Movies to Watch in 2014

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Photo credit: Bloody Disgusting

Photo credit: Bloody Disgusting

Ah, another year, another chance to be scared witless by a bunch of new horror films. Be it ghosts, zombies, werewolves, vampires, serial killers, witches- bring it on. It’s time for another round of terrifying fiction. But what to watch this year? There’s always a plethora of choice, and it’s difficult to sift through the terrible rip-offs and find the few original; gems therein. I’ve compiled a list of the most anticipated horror films of 2014 so you can enjoy the best this year. Fear Not! Well, not until you’ve seen the movies, at least.

1. The Green Inferno

I’ve always been a fan of the ground-breaking found-footage horror of Cannibal Holocaust and now veteran director Eli Roth (of Hostel fame) will be taking on his homage to it in the form of The Green Inferno. Students travel to the Amazon to save a tribe, but find themselves held hostage after their plane crashes- by the very people they went to protect. It sounds appropriately cheesy and a great throwback to classic slashers of yesteryear.

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