18 Films You’ll Never Watch Again

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Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Photo credit: Universal Pictures

Sometimes, and this can be for a variety of reasons, you see a movie once and decide that you’re never going to watch it again. Often, it’s because a movie is just so damn awful that you have no intention of sitting through that nonsense again. Other times-and it must be said that this doesn’t happen very often to the majority of film fans-a movie is just too disturbing to be given another shot. It can be intelligent, well-made, clever and interesting-but just get under your skin in a way that you have no intention of repeating. So what films will you only ever watch once? You’ll agree with number five…

18. Gravity

The plot is unoriginal at best, sensational and desperate at worst. The movie is about Ryan (Bullock) and Matt (Clooney), two astronauts who get stranded in space after the debris from a destroyed satellite ruined their space shuttles and threatened to kill them. It was beautiful and intense, but the worst part about the movie wasn’t even the plot, it was the inconsistencies, awkwardness and outright terrible dialogue. The kind of movie where the witty lines just keep coming, no matter what happens.

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