11 TV and Movie Schools You’d Love to Join

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Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

Photo credit: 20th Century Fox

You ever been in that situation where you’re watching some movie or TV show based in a school and you just think “Damn, why couldn’t my/can’t my high school experience have been/be more like that?”. I’m sure we’ve all had a brief daydream about attending a school we knew didn’t exist, whether we’d admit to it or not. But which ones would we have paid money to be a pupil at? We’ve compiled a list of eleven fantasy schools you’d love to attend-whether or not you’re at school any more. Still waiting to hear from number three…

1. Springfield Elementary

Okay, so you might not get much learning done here, but think of the good times! Whether it’s Edna showing you a bunny-themed sex education video (“She’s faking it!”), or the entire school blinking in unison then breaking free in a psychedelic rain of colour, there’s always something going on chez Bart Simpson. And even if you’re clever like Lisa, you can just blackmail the staff/threaten to throw your average to get pretty much anything that you want. There’s literally not one thing wrong with this cromulent decision!

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