15 Movies that Ignore the Facts

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Photo credit: Icon Entertainment International

Photo credit: Icon Entertainment International

Movies are not meant to be non-fiction, that’s what documentaries are for. So when a film says it’s based on a true story then you have to take that meaning with a pinch of salt. What can’t be forgiven is when movies take needless liberties with certain aspects of the world they’re trying to create. Doing this can undermine the material and bring down the movies quality as a whole. Here are 15 of the worst offenders.

1. Braveheart

Lord save me! As a Scotsman, Braveheart really bugs me. I’m all for artistic license (especially if it’s that of the guy who played Mad Max and Martin Riggs) but Braveheart‘s historical mistakes are unforgivable. Firstly: the war with England started 20 years earlier in the film (why?), second: kilts weren’t invented until several years after the events of the film took place, and third: aging Isabella of France about 20 years so they could have another love interest. In reality, she was only three when Wallace died, eew!

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