10 Super-Sleuthing Sherlock Holmes Film and TV Stories

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Photo credit: BBC Wales

Photo credit: BBC Wales

A literary character who many fans thought was real, the super consulting detective Sherlock Holmes has been on our screens in one form or another for almost a century. Here is a guide of his best screen adaptations showing the many faces of the sleuth: from a stylish American superhero in disguise, to a drunken imposter, a grumpy dug addled doctor and yes, even a mouse.

1. Sherlock

We begin with Holmes in the modern era with Sherlock. The brainchild of Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat and his writing partner on both shows Mark Gatiss, Sherlock updates the detective’s exploits to 21st century London. Played with sociopathic wit and danger by Benedict Cumberbatch, the Holmes of the era is nothing like the English gentleman of his origins. Add to this Martin Freeman as Watson, his long suffering partner and friend, and throw in a Moriarty who makes the Joker look sane and you have the makings of the new and ferociously clever Sherlock Holmes.

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