Top 10 Great Movies that Failed

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Photo credit: Warner Bros

Photo credit: Warner Bros

Even great movies flop sometimes. It’s a tragic but little-acknowledged fact that even a great movie will sometimes find itself dead in the water if the timing’s wrong, or if the genre’s not popular right now, or if audience just doesn’t get it. But that doesn’t always mean that it’s a bad movie. Below, we’ve put together a list of movies that we know now are amazing-but that flopped when they were released. You won’t believe number six did so badly!

11. The Postman

There was one major mistake in the epic movie- that they chose to release it on Christmas day. Christmas day releases are generally fun affairs-family movies or action films or romantic comedies designed to warm the heart. The Postman featured a nameless drifter plated Kevin Costner trudging about the desert for almost three hours in a slightly above-its-station morality tale. All that said, it’s worth a watch and definitely marks one of Costner’s better performances-even if it is a bit of a long watch.

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