11 Classic Movies You Can’t Miss

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Photo credit: Ashton Productions

Photo credit: Ashton Productions

So, everyone loves a good ol’ classic movie, right? The black and white, the crackly screen, the sense that you’re watching a little slice of history play out right there in front of you. But where do you start with these movies? Thanks to outdated language and cinematic techniques, they can sometimes seem a little impenetrable-but there’s plenty out there that’s as easy to get into as any popcorn movie you’d find playing in cinemas today. But where to begin? Our list will take you through the best classic features to add to your watch list, and why you’re going to love them!

1. Some Like It Hot

Some people argue that they just don’t find classic comedies funny-well, show them this and beg to differ. Starring Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis who must drag up to evade some deadly gangsters, it’s genuinely a hoot from start to finish- and throw in a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe at the height of her sexbomb appeal and there’s something in it for everyone. You’ll be surprised at how modern the comedy seems, considering this was released over fifty years ago. Brilliant jazz music too, as the two lead gentlemen elope with a travelling women’s band.

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  • DrRisk

    Hitch’s personal favorite of all his pictures. One of my favorites, but I like “Notorious” better due to its superb supporting cast, and more credible plot.

  • DrRisk

    You skipped right over the greatest picture ever made, “Sunset Boulevard”. It completely encompasses five of the seven deadly sins—envy, greed, lust, pride and rage—plus every other human emotion. There isn’t even a close second.

  • Art Faucett

    Never heard of 2 and 11

  • Chuck Maverick

    No one has mentioned Wuthering Heights which was only outpaced by— Gone with the wind, at that time. But yes there were many great movies. However I think gone with the wind is untouchable to this day. That movie was shown around the world perhaps more than any other. A remarkable story, a remarkable piece of film work, remarkable actors simply top of the heap!!!!!!

  • Chuck Maverick

    When it comes to judgment of anything I cannot give much credits to today’s generation of stupids which is obvious by the music listened to by the majority of the youth of this day and age.Simply nothing but noise, three word lyrics, very bad musicians and terrible terrible terrible singing and that’s the kind of people out there nowadays who listen to that @#$% insult to music and the arts.

  • MurderInTheBarn

    Too short of a list. How about “The Third Man”?

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