11 Classic Movies You Can’t Miss

Photo credit: Ashton Productions

Photo credit: Ashton Productions

So, everyone loves a good ol’ classic movie, right? The black and white, the crackly screen, the sense that you’re watching a little slice of history play out right there in front of you. But where do you start with these movies? Thanks to outdated language and cinematic techniques, they can sometimes seem a little impenetrable-but there’s plenty out there that’s as easy to get into as any popcorn movie you’d find playing in cinemas today. But where to begin? Our list will take you through the best classic features to add to your watch list, and why you’re going to love them!

1. Some Like It Hot

Some people argue that they just don’t find classic comedies funny-well, show them this and beg to differ. Starring Jack Lemon and Tony Curtis who must drag up to evade some deadly gangsters, it’s genuinely a hoot from start to finish- and throw in a gorgeous Marilyn Monroe at the height of her sexbomb appeal and there’s something in it for everyone. You’ll be surprised at how modern the comedy seems, considering this was released over fifty years ago. Brilliant jazz music too, as the two lead gentlemen elope with a travelling women’s band.

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  • Napier’s Gallows

    Heard of “Casablanca”?

  • yellowkid49

    “Citizen Kane,” who would have thought of that?

    • tevra

      Citizen Kane was how to make a combination of Soap Opera and Lullaby.

      it will either put you to sleep or bore you do F’ing Death

      • yellowkid49

        You have to look at Kane from a perspective of the era, lots of groundbreaking cinematography, story wise, eh.

        • tevra

          not the only film of the time with great cinematography and camera work, good directing….but some of them had an excellent plot and story. Orson Welles was the Golden Boy back then who could do no wrong and this was his project .

          Despite his ability and I do agree he was a great actor, as a director his promise never lived up to the potential.


      • disqus_ykznXtqnuv

        “Citizen Kane”. Very good, but over-rated.

  • tevra

    when you start off Some like it hot as a Can’t Miss I’m not reading the rest ….. it was not exactly a bad movie but it was mediocre at best and sure as hell not a Can’t Miss great film

  • Ole White Dude

    I can think of so many that didn’t make the list that far out weigh these (mostly) lightweights. Lawrence of Arabia, It’s A Wonderful Life is for sure A+ keepers, but the Pit and The Pendulum? REally? Classic must sees like Key Largo, Casablanca, One Flew Over the Coo coo’s Nest, Five Easy Pieces, The Shining, Bus Stop, Seven Days in May, Clockwork Orange, Ben Hur, Spartacus, Dead Poets Society, Fisher King, Saving Private Ryan, Gone wit de Wind, and must be hundreds more, better than the dozen here. That’s what I love about the Yahoos that write these “must do, must have, must be, greatests” lists. Opinions, like belly buttons, every one has one.

    • Nunaya Dambizness

      Obviously, they are. While some of your mentioned films are truly “Can’t Miss” quality, I would say “Five Easy Pieces” was one colossal piece of cr@p. Again, IMHO. Much rather see your list of “Classic must sees” include 12 Angry Men, To Kill a Mockingbird, Fail Safe, Flight of The Phoenix (the original), etc. But again, to each his own…

  • amoverton

    I realize it’s not an exhaustive list, or even a Top 10. But, seriously, no Fritz Lang, Marx Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Errol Flynn or Buster Keaton?

  • Dixie Graham

    Whoever wrote the commentaries on each film should review their English grammar or get a proofreader.

  • drivenbyfaith

    On The Waterfront, Stagecoach, Angels with Dirty Faces, and I’m just getting started. But I guess its all subjective.

  • 3x59yz4a

    a christmas carol 1952 w/ alistair sim; richard 3rd w/ olivier; alien; johnny skidmarks; touch of evil; bride of frank 1932; the ORIGINAL invasion of the body snatchers; mr. roberts; dead of night 1946.

    • Nunaya Dambizness

      Umm, the ORIGINAL “Invasion of The Body Snatchers” is ON this list!

  • JackP32

    Lists like this are totally worthless when they leave off such great classics as Out of the Past, Key Largo, A Touch of Evil, Notorious, The Third Man, San Francisco and one of the all time great movies From Here to Eternity.

    • disqus_ykznXtqnuv

      Add my vote for “Out of the Past” & “From Here to Eternity”. Excellent

  • UnclePete1946

    The list is almost perfect. “Forbidden Planet” should also be there as well as “Red River”

  • kennykoolie

    White Heat “Top of the world ma!”, Shane “You’re a lowdown Yankee liar”, Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid, “Who are those guys?”, Paths of Glory “If those little sweethearts won’t face german bullets they’ll face french ones!” Platoon “They got Alias!” Star Wars “May the force be with you” The Ten Commandments “So let it be written, so let it be done” and Antichrist-You gotta see this movie to believe it. Trust me you will be shocked, to put it mildly.

  • Nunaya Dambizness

    I don’t know why so many people are so down on this list. It never said it was THE TOP 11 “Can’t Miss Flims” or the ONLY Top 11, etc. It just said, “11 Classic Movies You Can’t Miss.” I’ve seen 8 of the 11 and they all truly qualify as “Can’t Miss.” The one I’d never even heard of was “Peeping Tom,” so now I’m intrigued to check that one out. Sure, I could add a few more films that I think are more “Can’t Miss” quality than what’s on this list, but that doesn’t negate these films’ placement on said list.

  • http://batman-news.com Jake Lakota

    Nahh, this list is no good. Marilyn Monroe is a lousy actress, not that good looking and short. No, Albert Hitchcock? That sh*t is still scary. Not that I liked it or even watched it but your list doesn’t have Oz or Gone with da Wind.

  • John Barone

    Look, everyone would come up with a different list, but I saw 8 out of the 11 movies and they are all top notch. I’ll probably try the other three. Good list.

  • thomaspainelives

    Citizen Kane, boring and pretentious. Pit and the Pendulum, not that scary. Where’s the greatest acting of John Wayne’s career, The Searchers?

    • Haldurson .

      “The Pit and the Pendulum” is campy — you have to like camp and be in the mood for it (it doesn’t make my ‘can’t miss’ list, but I can understand it being on someone else’s). Camp doesn’t have to be scary, it just has to be fun, even in a ‘so bad it’s good’ kind of way.

      BTW, I saw it as a very young kid, and I though it was really scary at the time. Then again, this is in pre-Exorcist times. I also used to think that “The Outer Limits” was scary.

  • Haldurson .

    Only film on the list that I haven’t actually seen, believe it or not, is “It’s a Wonderful Life”. I can’t really explain it, but I’ve never actually had the desire to watch it. I actually like Jimmy Stewart also, but I tend to hate Smarmy stories.

    Obviously, any list of must-see films will be personal, so no one should take offense if their favorite is not here. I’d personally have to include “Lawrence of Arabia”, “Blade Runner”, :”2001: a Space Odyssey”, “Schindler’s List”, “A Clockwork Orange”, “Notorious”, and “Pulp Fiction” on my list. Depending on my mood,and the day of the week, I’d probably throw in “Annie Hall”, “A Day at the Races”, “Brazil”, “Rushmore”, “Bridge on the River Kwai”, and “The Mission”

    • XDs

      You have a pretty great list there. PLEASE see It’s a Wonderful Life. It’s not so much about Christmas, this movie is for everyone.

  • Cut-Spending Showalter

    I’ve been saying Kind Hearts and Coronets is a good movie since I first saw it in 1985. Finally, I get some agreement.

  • Joseph Mccray

    Well, quite a number of great movies listed as well as listed below. I have seen all but one of the movies on the list, and don’t find that many of them on my personal list. I would also add Inherit the Wind, where Spencer Tracy’s cross examination scene is an incredible master piece of acting. As for camp, don’t leave out Creature from the Black Lagoon. I saw that as a kid and it scared me half to death. Kudos for including Dr. Strangelove! I also agree with comments on Lawrence of Arabia, and Schindler’s List. I saw the later in a military theater just a few blocks from the actual location of the Nurnburg war trials. Not a dry eye in the place, including about half the audience openly weeping as they left the theater. The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly also ranks up there as an all time masterpiece. Nothing Eastwood did before or after ranks anywhere close.

  • Charles Winston

    The Libturd Who Came on My Dinner.

  • Charles Winston

    KOLD 13 in Tucson is run by a stupid fat whore.

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