10 Actors who Die All the Time

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Photo credit: Marv Films

Photo credit: Marv Films

Some actors are just doomed from the beginning, aren’t they? The minute they walk on-screen, you find yourself rolling your eyes and counting down the minutes till they meet their makers. You have to wonder if it becomes an in-joke within the industry to see how many times they can have one little person killed on-screen in a variety of creative and horrible ways. Either way, we’ve put together a (spoiler-heavy) list of actors who really need a better agent-or a better on-screen life expectancy, at the very least. Number three will surprise you…

1. Nicholas Cage

Watching a particular Nicholas Cage movie with friends, when things were reaching an obvious crescendo, one of my viewing companions turned to me and said “Nicholas Cage? Gasoline? IT CAN ONLY END ONE WAY!”. It inevitably did, because Cage always seems to sign up for roles that allow him to do the most of his legendary overacting as humanely possible-and this often involves him dying in a variety of surprisingly horrible ways.

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