10 Films That Guessed the Future

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Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Ever get that feeling, when you’re watching a film from ten, twenty, thirty years ago, and it shows a flash forward to the future and you think-“YES! They predicted the future!”. Some films get their vision of the future so disturbingly right that it’s hard to believe filmmakers didn’t have access to information we didn’t. So, without further ado, here’s a list of crystal ball movies that predicted the future. Number seven is so close it’s scary…

11.The Truman Show

Think about the kind of TV you’ve been watching for the last few weeks-chances are, whether you’ve intended to or not, you’ve stumbled upon some form of reality TV. While not all forms are as intense or survellaince-y as depicted in the Truman Show, the movie-which centres around Jim Carey who is constantly filmed without his knowledge to create footage for a hit show-isn’t too far away from what we see in Big Brother and the like.

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