10 Forgettable “Amazing” Movies

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Photo credit: GK Films

Photo credit: GK Films

Sometimes, you walk out of a movie theatre just going….eh. You’re not filled with rage at how terrible the movie is, nor are you singing it’s praises from the highest rooftops. It just sort of…was. And that’s why it’s always doubly surprising when these kinds of movies get lauded by both the press and the public-with people declaring them to be “instant classics” and “the best films of the year”. So you keep your head down and pretend not to be steadily disliking it more and more, as there’s nothing more annoying than an overrated movie. So, what are the most overrated movies of all time? You have to agree with number four…

1. The Tourist

Now, this looked promising when all the trailers were released-the sort of rambunctious, nonsense fun provided by other throwaway action films with clever plots like Oceans 11. The lure of a seemingly-chemistry-laden Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie just put this on a whole other level. Unfortunately, we were cruelly misled, and the film turned out to be nothing more than an unthrilling thriller that took itself a little too seriously to be properly fun. And whoever wrote that script should never be allowed near a script again. Seriously now.

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