11 Things You Never Noticed About Your Favourite Disney Movies

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Photo credit: Walt Disney

Photo credit: Walt Disney

Disney movies, eh? They are the paragon of childhood virtue, that wonderful studio that took on adventures under the sea, through the desert, and into the rainforest. Could there be anything more pure and wonderful than settling down with your loved ones and enjoying some wholesome, Disney movie fun? Um, yes. Loads of people have spotted filthy, cheeky, or downright crude jokes hidden in everyone’s favourite Disney films. We’ve compiled a list of the most unbelievable-how many did you spot before?

12. The Three Little Pigs and the Fate of their Father

As the three little pigs gather round the piano to belt out some catchy showtunes or other, you can see a line of sausages in a picture frame behind them-marked “Father”. Sure to make the more cynical among us smile, and the vegetarians weep. So really, a win all round! This is one of Disney’s most explicit hidden jokes, as they’ve never tried to deny it and it seems so gleefully dark.

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