11 Classic Movies to See Before You Die

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Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

Photo credit: Paramount Pictures

I’m sure, as a movie buff of your calibre, that you’ve been told time and time again that there are certain classic movies that you just “have” to see. And I’m sure that, like me, you’ve rolled your eyes at the number of hipsters shoving black-and-white VHS tapes into your hands and telling you that this movie changed them forever. But there must be some classic movies out there worth seeing, right? But how do you tell the wheat from the chaff? With our list of unmissable classic movies, you’ll be up-to-date on the greats, and can skip out on the dull ones. Start at eleven, and work backwards…

1. Rear Window

Frankly, if you haven’t already seen this then you really have no business calling yourself a film buff of any description. I mean, this movie has it all-direction by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock, a blisteringly excellent turn by the amazing James Stewart (who makes every movie that he’s in look fantastic), humour, tension, social commentary…seriously, go away and watch this right now. One of the best films ever to grace the world of cinema. Speaking of which, a brilliant and gorgeous Grace Kelly co-stars.

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