12 Best Ever Movie Monsters

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Photo credit: Showbox Entertainment

Photo credit: Showbox Entertainment

A good monster movie is like…well, a good monster movie, actually. They are totally unlike anything else-unless, that is, the monster turns out to be rubbish. What a disappointment! There’s nothing worse than the awfulness of seeing the beast you’ve been dreading for the last half hour turn out to be nothing more than a man in a rubber suit going “rar”. So how to avoid that devastating eventuality? We’ve put together a list of the best ever movie monsters so you never again have to suffer through the indignity of a bad one. My favourite is number four-what’s yours?

1. Gwoemul

Yeah, try getting your mouth around that bad boy! You might not have gotten round to watching The Host yet, but the South Korean film lays claim to one of the coolest monsters ever-the deformed mutant Gwoemul. I don’t know what it is about this creature, but everyone who’s seen it will tell you there’s something that sets this fishy fiend apart from all the others of it’s kind-a testament to the quality of the film. Allegedly, the creature is based of a mutant fish found in Han river so please remember to bear that in mind next time you’re having a nice stroll around the lake.

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