Top 10 Christmas Movies

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Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

Photo credit: Touchstone Pictures

Ah, Christmas. A time for love, cheer, excessive eating and the swapping of presents so ridiculously misjudged you promise yourself you won’t leave shopping till the day before you go home next year, right? Wrong! Actually, it’s time for a blatant excuse to watch amazing movies that actually put you in the festive spirit. So, throw everyone off the sofa, commandeer the remote control, and refuse to take your Santa hat off for anyone-it’s festive showtime!

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas

Okay, so not everyone wants to watch a cackling skeleton figure trying to take over Christmas because he wants a bash at Santa’s job, but those people who don’t obviously haven’t seen this movie. A silly but very clever animated musical from the mind of Tim Burton, you’ll find yourself swept up in the absorbing stop-motion universe and surprisingly well-developed (and Danny Elfman-voiced!) characters. Hurrah for scary, keep-you-up-at-night Christmas!

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