Top 10 Movies about High School

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Photo credit: Bergman Lustig Productions

Photo credit: Bergman Lustig Productions

High school is a strange time for many-whether you’re battling acne, angst or affairs of the heart, you always seem to wind up thinking that everyone has it better than you. It took a while for directors to pick up on this universal theory, but by the late seventies high school movies were everywhere. Whether you were the popular cheerleader or the class nerd, you could find a film that would reflect your social standing and your high school experience. We’ve put together a list of high school movies that’ll change the way you look at the “Best years of your life” forever. Which one was your spirit animal?

1. Brick

Starring a young Joseph Gordon-Levitt, this movie took noir and transplanted it into a high school setting-angst and all. Featuring a spectacular turn from Lukas Haas as student drug dealer The Pin, it’s got all the a hallmarks of a hardboiled detective thriller-the femme fatale, the death that starts it all, the thugs, the wry detective- while keeping everything grounded in high school drama. Witty, clever, and erudite, it’s an unforgettable twist on both genres.

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